Have you received your Yoga Club Box yet?

Hello, fellow fitness gurus! Have you received your yoga box, yet? No, well, you can now receive 10%off using my code YOGI10!! For more info on the box, please click here Enjoy!! Xo, Stacey


Yoga Flow & Core

Hello, lovelies! As you all know, I've been doing yoga to help with my journey to manage my mild-scoliosis, part of that is to exercise. For the past couple of weeks, I have participated in two classes with Hot Breath Yoga in Airdrie. The two classes I had taken were Flow and Core. Both great. …


Have you ever tried meditation? I love it. I was advised to meditate to calm my over-active mind and to loosen muscles, so they aren't as tight, as well as stress. My favourite form of meditation is Yoga Nidra. I have had my body feel like bricks; head, arms, legs. I couldn't lift them, until …