Oh She Glows Everyday by Angela Liddon

Hi, lovelies! Oh She glows Everyday has become a staple in my home. As you can see, I've got so many more recipes to make :). I really want to make the quinoa salad, next! This should be soo good! Can't wait to try out the recipes over the next few months. Continue making my …


Almond Butter

Hi, everyone! Today, I had made almond butter, using the recipe from Oh She Glows Everyday by Angela Lidden.  The recipe called for two cups of almonds and to blended in a blender until smooth, to which I did, and added a splash of vanilla extract.  Xo, Stacey

Calcium Infused Foods

Lactose intolerant people are prone to be low in calcium. Below are calcium infused foods. Vitamin D helps the body to consume the calcium our bodies to to its full capacity.  Check it out: Kale Canned salmon Calcium fortified fruit juices Spinach Oranges  Almonds Seeds (Chia, hemp seeds - type of chia seeds, seseame, pumpkin, …