4 Beauty At-Home DIYs

Hi, lovelies! I was thinking I should post some of these really easy, effective beauty at-home spa type treatments/services. photo credit Spa Facial photo credit Spa Pedicure Butternut Squash to Heal Your Feet A nourishing, hydrating scrub using brown sugar and honey Enjoy! Happy spa day! Xo,Stacey

Wedding Prepping Tips, The Perfect Red Lips, Strobing vs Contouring, and More!

Hey, everyone!! Read up on all things beauty from prepping for your wedding day, to the perfect red lip, strobing vs. contouring, to so much more that you can find on my new portfolio page! I will have other previous articles that have been published in fashion magazines, up on the site soon. Below, are …

Stillwater Spa

Stillwater Spa at Hyatt Hotel, is just fabulous. I won't get too much into it. I've had a great experience with knowledgeable, professional, and just wonderful. If you haven't been, you really should. Photo courtesy: Stillwater Spa What's your experience with Stillwater Spa? What sessions have you tried? Have a good day! Stacey