Cashew Butter OMG!!!

I've heard a few things about cashews, like they are legumes, that they are a nut, that they are a seed from a cashew tree. Only one of these three are true. Cashews are a seed from a cashew tree. So, they are not a real nut, neither are almonds. Almonds are technically seeds, too. …


Almond Butter

Hi, everyone! Today, I had made almond butter, using the recipe from Oh She Glows Everyday by Angela Lidden.  The recipe called for two cups of almonds and to blended in a blender until smooth, to which I did, and added a splash of vanilla extract.  Xo, Stacey

My 10 km Walk

I normally go for all kinds of walks, two km, five km, and ten km. I had decided that this particular morning at 7:20 a.m., would be the best morning to go for a walk. I later discovered that the route was actually for bikers and runners. However, I went for it. The walk started …