My Fitness Schedule

I've been asked a lot lately by women on what is that I'm doing to look fit and toned. Firstly, on my blog, I break it down. All of tge exercises and workouts I do. Yesterday, was yoga, strength training and 20 mins of a walk. I am thankful for muscle memory, though. Exercising and …


Foods to Prevent Fluffing

Hi, everyone! The other day, in a previous post I had discussed Foods to Flat Abs, and I thought that today, I'd discuss foods to avoid that will cause bloating. As a lady (even a man), it's hard enough to obtain those abs, to sustain them, but how about the foods that cause us to …

Almond Butter

Hi, everyone! Today, I had made almond butter, using the recipe from Oh She Glows Everyday by Angela Lidden.  The recipe called for two cups of almonds and to blended in a blender until smooth, to which I did, and added a splash of vanilla extract.  Xo, Stacey