Have you received your Yoga Club Box yet?

Hello, fellow fitness gurus! Have you received your yoga box, yet? No, well, you can now receive 10%off using my code YOGI10!! For more info on the box, please click here Enjoy!! Xo, Stacey


YogaClub Subscription Box

I'm so excited to receive my first Yoga Club box!! Yoga Club curates a personalized box suited just for you. You can have a personal stylist to curate your box, or you can be your own personal stylist. It does contain brand name yoga apparel when you select your type of membership, the types of brand …

Yoga Flow & Core

Hello, lovelies! As you all know, I've been doing yoga to help with my journey to manage my mild-scoliosis, part of that is to exercise. For the past couple of weeks, I have participated in two classes with Hot Breath Yoga in Airdrie. The two classes I had taken were Flow and Core. Both great. …


Recap: Sunday Morning Walk

Morning, loves! This past Sunday, I had decided to go for a walk with my cousin and her hubby. We began walking through one of the oldest neighborhood's in Calgary that's called Inglewood. As I was walking through the historic part of Inglewood, I saw an old, but well preserved home from a prominent figure …


My 10 km Walk

I normally go for all kinds of walks, two km, five km, and ten km. I had decided that this particular morning at 7:20 a.m., would be the best morning to go for a walk. I later discovered that the route was actually for bikers and runners. However, I went for it. The walk started …