A City Girl Now Living in the Wild West

A couple of years ago, I had decided to leave what was familiar to me, which is living in a big city called Toronto. A city that I heart it. Coming to Calgary, I was blinded. So, not me. Normally, I plan, do research and visit the city, before deciding to make such a big …


More from Head-Smashed In Buffalo Jump

Hi, everyone! I had found some pics from my time in Fort Macloud. Hope you enjoy! Okay, you may like this photo as much as I do. You can see the Alberta badlands in the distance. It's so peaceful, and the view is so nice! Hope you've enjoyed! Have a good day! Xo, Stacey

Recap: Drumheller

Blast from the Past: Drumheller a.k.a. Dinosaur capital, Hoodos and Horseshoe Canyon. Seventeen million years ago, dinosaurs roamed around here, with fossils that are found daily. Horseshoe Canyon is the result from a glacier shower from many years ago that took place lace up North, (the same one the resulted in Okotoks - previous post), …