My Itinerary Part Two for When I Visit Home (Toronto), this Spring!

Recently, I have learned that in addition to all of the ah-mazing places that I will be seeing and visiting that's mentioned in My Itinerary for Visiting Home (Toronto) this Spring!, there are a few more places that I will going to! Soooo excited! I'm way too excited. I was watching an episode of Canada Over …


My Itinerary for Visiting Home (Toronto) this Spring!

Well, loves, I'm heading home for a visit this Spring. From early-May to mid-June, I will be in Toronto, and the surrounding area. It's all thanks to my sister and my brother-in-law whom have graciously and generously offered to fly me home for a month and a half.  So far, it's been narrowed down to …

Places I’d Like to Visit in Ontario!

Hi, lovelies! Since I'm travelling home some time next year for a visit, I thought I would check out some surreal places that I haven't seen. Well, actually didn't even know existed until I moved out of Ontario. Go figure. I have narrowed down some of these amazing, beautiful places. I will have to go …


Cheltenhan Badlands

Hi, everyone! The caption says it all, pretty much :). Enjoy! P.S. I really liked it here. Have a good day! Stacey