Recap: Mari Bakeshop Cafe

Yesterday, as I was walking through East Village, along the Riverwalk on Riverfront Ave., with my cousin and her hubby. We had decided to check out this new cafe located in Downtown East Village , which is a part of Downtown Calgary called Mari Bakeshop. Mari Bakeshop has been open since the beginning of this …


Recap: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump – Alberta

Hello, everyone! This place that I had visited is in Central Alberta, near Red Deer. I'm not sure exactly what the city is. Anyway, even though Head-Smashed In Buffalo Jump has a sad story attached to it, it does have remarkable scenery that I just loved. The photos that I had taken, don't even do …

Devil’s Gap, Ghost Lakes, Phantoms…Oh My!

This was one was interesting, the stories and myths regarding Ghost Lakes and the Devil's Gap, is quite interesting, which makes this place so very interesting. The mountain on the right-hand side isn't a Canadian Rocky Mountain. I can't remember what it's called. This photo below was taken two years ago. Hope you enjoy!   …


Bar U Ranch – Alberta

About a year ago, I thought I would take my city self to a ranch, considering I had only been to two ranches prior. So, when I had heard a bit of the history that revolves around Sundance Kid, Prince of Wales (Prince Edward's own ranch - which isn't this one, but it's a block …


Stillwater Spa

Stillwater Spa at Hyatt Hotel, is just fabulous. I won't get too much into it. I've had a great experience with knowledgeable, professional, and just wonderful. If you haven't been, you really should. Photo courtesy: Stillwater Spa What's your experience with Stillwater Spa? What sessions have you tried? Have a good day! Stacey