Meet Stacey

Welcome to It’s Life by Stacey Hobbs!! 🙂 Discover my loves from food, healthy living, fashion, beauty, travel, and so more.

I am a former celebrity make-up artist, who first began my career in television. I literally went straight into T.V.; then onto producing a beauty blog that was a personal one, as well as a beauty blog with The Mississauga News, which I had the honour of interviewing Peter Nygard, on his request, as he liked my blog and me; next up, was beauty writing for several publications that are offered in print and digital, based in Canada and United States, all thanks to this one publisher from Los Angeles, who offered me this opportunity to write one article, which lead to the editor offering me to remain on to write an article for their every issue, that lead to an internship at this fashion magazine, Cliche. I’ve learned so much from this wonderful lady; next up, is fashion, as in fashion photo-shoots, I have organised and executed photo-shoots throughout most of my career; published make-up artist; lastly, on-air beauty expert and celebrity make-up artist, through television is where I have applied make-up on these wonderful people, such as the OHL Press Conference (my first make-up and T.V. gig, ever), OHL hockey players (many of them, and half of whom who have been drafted into the NHL), Steven and Chris, George, Gil Moore (Grammy Award Winning Canadian Rock Group, Triumph), dignitaries (some of whom were in office, including Hazel McCallion; others of whom had been elected into office, as mayor), CEOs’ of major companies, that includes Sunwing and Absolute Vodka.

After acquiring some marketing experience, and being in sales since I was a little girl (eventually becoming the top-seller in the country for any company I’ve worked for), I had thought it was time for me to throw in the towel, and take on one of the Hobbs’s family occupations, business. I’m currently in school to become a marketer and to continue to work in communications.

Quite honestly, my blog, that I use is to not sell anyone anything, just to share my loves (as mentioned above) :). I hope you enjoy!!

If there are a few words that can be used to describe me, I suppose it would have to be unique. It’s a word people like to use to describe. LOL! I am entertaining (as I’ve been told), honest, kind, many other traits that we should all have, oh, and fun, with a great sense of humour. Love BSB, pizza, ice-cream, classic rock & pop music, theatre, art galleries, the outdoors, baseball (it’s the only sport I really know, I love all sporting events, though, being in the crowd, going to the movies, cooking and baking, fitness.


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