Meet Stacey

Inside My World
Inside My World was created in 2017. It began as an outlet to share all things that I like and thought all of you would like. Blossoming into more of a lifestyle blog that, still to the core, is still all about expressing the tings I enjoy all the while catering around a city-girl life. Inside My World offers food dishes; beauty reviews, tips, tricks and techniques, and all of that greatness; what’s the latest; pop-culture faves; book reviews and recommendations; travel; things to do in the city.
Welcome to my fun, wonderful world! 🙂

Meet Stacey
I was born in Toronto (Etobicoke), raised in Mississauga. I moved to Calgary in 2014, looking for something new, as in a new adventure, to which I’ve found. While in Toronto, I had obtained a make-up artistry certificate at George Brown Yorkville School of Makeup and Esthetics, which is one of the top beauty schools in Toronto. I began working in T.V., applying make-up on hosts, dignitaries, politicians, athletes and celebrities. From there, I had appeared on television offering beauty tips and techniques. Around this time, I began a person a blog and a beauty and style blog through a local newspaper, The Mississauga News. Less than a year later in 2013, I wrote my first of many articles with a fashion L.A.-based digital magazine, Cliche, later accepting an internship with the publication, as well as having some of my make-up artistry published. As I was a beauty contributor for Cliche, I was writing for other fashion publications, including San Fransisco-based digital and print FSHN and Canadian Spa Inc. After spending decades working in business, I thought it was time for me to gain an education in the wonderful of business. By 2018, I went back to school to study marketing. I have taken Business Management, Marketing Principles and Metrics and Measurements at University of Calgary, and Foundations of Marketing at University of Toronto.

I love cooking and baking. I often cook watching a sitcom or listening to music, and yeah, that includes dancing, too. I do like to read mysteries, non-fiction, historical-fiction that’s based on a true story, sometimes fantasy like vampires, I am picky on psychological thrillers. They have to have a juicy plot. Travelling. I do really like movies, including the classics. I occasionally will paint too. I love to laugh and smile. I say live, laugh, love.

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