Inside My World

With my lifestyle blog, Inside My World, that was established in 2018, I’d like to bring to you, by sharing with you all, all things I like. I want to share with you my taste from recipes, that’s created by me, or from others; fashion, beauty; business, current events, etc.; entertainment review, anticipated movies and television; travel, things to do around the city or suburb (I am from Mississauga, Ontario, which was a suburb, when I was living in that city for twenty-eight years, before moving to Calgary, Alberta, and actual travelling; books, book reviews, books to read, how-to host a book-club series; decor; seasonal activities, gardening; with hopefully interviews from people, whether it’s experts in their industries, or every day people, whom may have something to share with you all; and that’s basically, all I can think of. Oh, and hopefully with collaborators. I’ve had a great lifestyle collaborator, who wrote a great post, that you all really liked, and sponsored posts.
Hope you enjoy Inside My World!

Meet Stacey

Hi, everyone! My name is Stacey Hobbs (Camacho).

I will totally get back to you all, soon, on my bio of me, so you can all get to know me better 🙂

How did I get into writing (copywriting)?

How I got into copywriting, is a bit of a story, a wonderful story, that I’m truly grateful and honored at the same time, from the people that I had met, who had helped me to learn, the challenges that I was receiving by my editors, that really pushed me. I have to say that I enjoy challenges, as I take them head on. I view challenges as an opportunity to grow, to learn, to expand, and in some cases to develop a new skill(s). I have found that sometimes, we learn new things about ourselves that we didn’t know, or at least in my case, that is what ends up happening. 

After having interviewed Peter Nygard on his latest innovation at the time, Nygard Slims (you can find an excerpt of that interview on the Press page), and after I had covered a new location that had just opened in Mississauga, at the time, so that is about nine years ago, that included the private ceremony, meaning the ribbon cutting of it and all. A wonderful guest had made an appearance, Mayor Hazel McCallion. I had this honor to interview him. I was writing for two blogs; my own personal beauty blog (that had gained recognition in the beauty industry, amongst others) and one for The Mississauga News. This interview was my very first, ever, and it was for The Mississauga News. I did a lot of research on learning how to conduct the interview. I had discovered years later that portions of that interview were used on his website.

Almost immediately afterwards, an American publisher (Wilson Greene) for a New York City Greater Area-based digital magazine, Cliche, had asked me to write what was supposed to be one article for his magazine, which is Ultimate beauty FAQ’s. However, I was asked to continue to write for them, and I happily did so, with the then editor-in-chief, Megan Portorreal, providing me guidance along the way. This eventually led to an internship that I happily accepted. Through Cliche, I organized and executed photo-shoots, to produce images for my articles. 

For my article, I had asked every day women to submit their questions. When they had asked me for the answers to their questions, I had informed them that I’d let them know when the article would drop.

I have continuously written for a high-fashion magazine that is based in San Francisco, offered in print, nationally, and I believe selected cities overseas, called FSHN. Eventually, I was credited as a writer, through FSHN. Therefore, I had become an international published writer, and an experienced copywriter. 

I have had the pleasure of writing for many other wonderful magazines, as well, from a Canadian leading spa magazine, Spa Inc, to the then Canadian printed magazine offered nationally, Chloe. 

Re-published articles from printed magazines and digital magazines are available on their website, and I have either excerpts or the full article posted on my Press page. 

I would like to thank everyone, all of the publishers and editors! I truly appreciate it all. I, especially, would like to thank Peter Nygard, Wilson Greene and Megan Portorreal, for providing me with this wonderful opportunity and experience.

When it’s all said and done, at the end of the day, I hope you enjoy my lifestyle blog, Inside My World! Collabs are welcome, as are contributors!


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