and just like that … I’ve got my thoughts on the re-boot

I can’t believe it’s taking me this long to write about the re-boot of the Sex and the City T.V. series, And Just Like That …., with only four episodes left! When I first heard of the revival of the series, I have to say that I was very much looking forward to it. I did, however, have some reservations on how the show was going to live it up, with Samantha. You do feel the character missing, for sure, however, it’s still for the most part a really good show. 

I could not believe Mr. Big was cut right off after the first episode! I immediately went into spoiler alert to read about it. I had read an interview on-line of how Chris Noth’s reaction to his character, and the decision to kill off Mr. Big. I don’t cry often, and yet, this show had me in tears, by the end of the first episode, as well as, the second episode, of Mr. Big’s funeral. And, on top of it, Noth has made headlines about sexual allegations that have been made against him, causing the producers of the series to nix his appearance with Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw) from the finale, that was filmed in Paris. 
Along the way, a real-life character, who portrays Stanford, in the series, Willie Garson, had passed away, of pancreatic cancer. May he rest in peace.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to vocalize my thoughts and feelings on And Just Like That, however, after hearing all kinds of things and watching the show, I thought screw-it. It’s my turn to speak. Okay, I’ve got mixed feelings on the re-boot. I want to begin by saying, that it is not Sex and the City, it is called And Just Like That…. as in the next chapter for these women as they navigate their friendships and life in their 50’s.

Let’s begin with Mr. Big. I’ve heard people say things like how, Carrie should have saved Big. But, she wasn’t supposed to. Have we forgotten that she was still supposed to write about her experiences in dating and all of that. She had a dating column in the New York Observer, which is actually what the real-life character of Candace Bushnell had from ’94-’96. The articles were turned into a book, that was initially published in ’97, and a year later welcome to the original series, Sex and the City. I’ve read the book. The book is so much like the series, even words that Candace wrote. How was Carrie going to write about in her next book, if she doesn’t have material? But, more than that, the character was going to start dating again, it was bound to happen. I actually thought, before the re-boot hit our screens, what’s going to happen to Carrie? How are they going to change the character to bring her back to her roots, which is why we all started watching the series in the first place? We found her experiences in dating to be relatable. It’s why her column did so well, it was a success, the book was a success, and the T.V. show was a success, too. She was going to start writing again about dating in her 50’s, like dating in her 30’s finding love. I do think people are comparing the original show and the movies to the re-boot.

As the creator of the show had said in an interview, is that viewers have to remember that Carrie had Big for like fifteen minutes, but never really had Mr. Big. Like, she doesn’t have him now. It’s sad to see him go, because of the roller coaster of a ride of their relationship. But, what was Carrie going to write about in her next book? Not trying to sound un-empathetic by sounding business-like, because I did cry at the end of the episode and the second episode, I literally had tears rolling down my face. However, I understand the reasoning.

“One thing Michael and I agreed on: We both called it the Bonnie and Clyde moment, which is that moment when Bonnie and Clyde are about to be eviscerated by bullets,” Noth, 67, told Vogue of the shocking scene. (Big suffers a heart attack after his 1,000th Peloton class and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw doesn’t ring for 911 when she finds him, still alive, on the bathroom floor.) – People Magazine

I think in order for the creators and producers to bring back that Sex and the City feel, they needed Carrie to start dating, again. In reality, I’m assuming that this is what women go through in their 50’s. They become un-certain about their marriage, or they start dating again, if anything should happen to their husband or they get divorced. I’ll get more into this later.

Credit Getty Images

As for Samantha, I’m sad that she isn’t apart of the re-boot. She added spunk to it. I have heard her say numerous times in interviews of how she thought of the other girls as her co-workers, tolerating them, but they were not friends. She and Sarah Jessica Parker, had a falling out.

“When HBO Max announced the Sex and the City revival, one name from the original fab four was missing: Kim Cattrall. This was no surprise to fans who have heard Cattrall explain multiple times her lack of interest in reprising the role of Samantha Jones.

Candace Bushnell, the author of the book Sex and the City, which inspired the Darren Star created-series, told Page Six that the writers of And Just Like That have plenty of ideas to explore sexuality through various characters.” – EW

“It’s a no from me,” Cattrall said in 2019, before a reboot had been confirmed. “You learn lessons in life and my lesson is to do work with good people and try and make it fun.” That’s the most she’s said publicly about her decision not to return. – Town and Country Mag

Samantha, aka Kim Catrall allegedly fell out with Sarah Jessica Parker during the original filming for Sex And The City and ever since things have been a little tense, with both speaking out about the other and even Mr Big (Chris Noth) weighing in. – Cosmopolitan

When watching the original series, I’d say that, Samantha’s only friend, really was Carrie. I don’t recall Samantha doing much else for the other two ladies. Carrie also gave Samantha work, by being her client to promote her and her books.

There’s a scene that I was trying to find, I think it was season 3 episode 11, I believe, where Samantha was trying on her bridesmaid dress. She didn’t like it, Charlotte blurted out, how she didn’t want Samantha to even be apart of her wedding in the first place. That they only see each other when the girls get together, or something like that. Charlotte and Samantha are two extremes on their views of pretty much everything. Would they ever get along and be friends, if Carrie wasn’t present in their outings? Miranda and Samantha? Maybe now, with Miranda’s current story-line, but who knows? From watching the series a bunch of times, it seemed like Samantha got dumped on for the choices that she had made by the other girls, and in general so it seems. I think as much as Samantha tolerated the other ladies, the feelings are mutual that Miranda and Charlotte tolerated Samantha. I think Miranda was more accepting of Samantha. Samantha and Carrie were real friends, which is why we see Carrie and Samantha texting, and not the other ladies, who apparently haven’t checked-in on her. I like how they kept the Samantha character open for a possible return. So, it’s open-ended. I’ve read and heard a lot about how Nicole Ari Parker had replaced Samantha. How? In which way? Are my questions to anyone who has said this. She hasn’t joined the girls for their brunch, or whichever meal they are having. She is Charlotte’s friend. An outside friend, from the group, of Charlotte’s. In my opinion. From last week’s episode, that aired on January 6th, Carrie’s realtor is now joining the girls for brunch. I’d say she is making a way into the group, slowly. Perhaps, it’s a one-time thing? Or something where her realtor joins the other girls once-in-a-while? Who knows? I hope that there isn’t anyone re-placing Samantha. My question, that I had just deciphered upon typing the last line, is what does Kim Catrell think of the re-boot?

Samantha, was a very prideful woman. I think it was great of her to send flowers at Big’s funeral. It’s a Samantha thing to do. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I did touch on this earlier, I like how they were reminiscing about the diaphram moment that happened in season 1, maybe.

Miranda, is another one, that threw people off, with her choices. I can recall her and Samantha discussing Samantha’s experience of having a threesome, that intrigued Miranda, where she went out to try it out. She did speed dating, I believe, and found a couple who would be interested, only to opt out. With that said, I did find her story-line. I think it’s weird for Miranda, considering who she is. Were they try to have her to have an affair or to date a woman like Samantha had done? It goes right back to the believed characters of Steve and Miranda. Where we had followed their relationship so closely and early on in the series. I think it’s tough to have two beloved relationships deteriorate. I understand the Big concept for Carrie, but to do this for Miranda? I think the story-line of how Miranda became an alcoholic during the quarantine is more relatable, to what many have encountered. As they mentioned, everyone drank, but as quarantine came to a close, most people reverted to having a drink or two, when they would prior quarantine days, with the exception that some had taken it too seriously, by becoming alcoholics. I’d say that the quarantine and the pandemic, in general, has many of us reflecting on our lives. Hence, why I’ve had friends and family, and myself, even, have made changes when something hasn’t been working. It could be a job/career, marriage/relationship, friendships. I think out of this people are wanting to live a more quality-based life, and hadn’t thought about these things, until we were forced to be with our thoughts. People who thought they were content with their careers, because it’s what they’ve done for so long, never really thought about it, until there were as many lock-downs as there were, depending on the location of where one lives, or in general. As I have heard in recently on a podcast episode, as I do in my own real-life amongst those I know and care about. By discussing this thought of mine, is what I hoped the writers, producers and creator would explore more of with Miranda. Considering the show is all about being relatable. In Sex and the City, it’s about being relatable, which is why us ladies, would say we are a Carrie, or a Charlotte, and so on. I think for Miranda’s character in who she is, and what is going on today, the alcoholic story is something they should have explored. It isn’t just as easy to dump out all of the alcoholic and take up another addiction. It would still mean that she has or is having a rough patch with Steve, but at least we can see them working things out, like good ole Miranda and Steve, like back-in-the-day.

I know that I’m not the only one who thinks this way, as many of people have opposed of it, too. I would like to see Miranda continue with her classes, and yeah, I think we have been there at some point before the movement came about last year, where she was when she had met her professor. As for Sarah Jessica Parker says when she re-watches the original series, she cringes at some of the things that were said. I personally think she shouldn’t, nor should anyone. What were the times like in the 90’s? Early 90’s, mid-90’s, late 90’s, early 00’s? It wasn’t progressive, or as progressive, as to what it is today, especially upon living in a big-city, like Manhattan, New York City, N.Y. When Miranda had a romp in Carrie’s kitchen in her studio apartment, I thought what? I could never, ever do that to a friend, especially a friend in need. Like Carrie was, who had just came out of surgery. Seriously, she couldn’t wait, or not have it, at all? I understand that it prompt her to finally confess to Carrie that she isn’t happy with her life, including her marriage, her job that she left, but again, couldn’t Miranda not have said this, as she wad dealing with alcoholism that she had developed through quarantine? Couldn’t Carrie, Steve and Charlotte, maybe, do an intervention with her, or something like that? I just don’t get the whole ooint of that story with Miranda.

I do like how the subtly touched on quarantine and the pandemic. It doesn’t need to be mentioned anymore than what it has. IT was good to hear how these ladies survived it, or how they coped, I should say.

Charlotte’s story with her daughter, Rose, who doesn’t feel like a girl, is what’s going on today. Whether her daughter goes through with a transition, or not, it’s something some children are exhibiting more of. I think kids are thinking about these things, whereas, when I was younger (born in the mid-80’s), children didn’t think these things. Not many, anyway. Or anyone, I knew. But they could have kept this to themselves. However, many people I knew and have developed friends with from my time attending public school, and later, catholic school, were happy. They and myself just didn’t think about these things. i#’m happy to be a girl, to be a woman/lady. I wouldn’t and couldn’t change that. I’m not even what one would classify as a tomboy. Not really. Even though, I don’t wear high-heels all of the time, doesn’t mean anything. As a walker, how could I wear heels, often? It would be too hard.

Anyway, with the show being called And Just Like That…., anything can happen I suppose, as in it isn’t going to be just like the original, even though it would have some aspects that had me like awe, I like that reference or how Carrie is this and that…which brings me to my next point.

Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Carrie is , let’s be real, a self-centred character (I had noticed, with many others recently discovering this, too) that you just either really like her or love her or you don’t, maybe anymore? That you can’t help, but to like (to relate to at times) upon watching the series and the movies. Actually, as mentioned earlier, everyone has someone they can relate to, with this group of four ladies, as it is how it began. With her ability to make up for her flaws in her friendships at times. I think many find her relatable to the sense of her fashion, as in she has style and her dating life in what she had encountered, which is how Candance Bushnell’s column in the New York Observer became so popular in the first place! Then the articles were re-read by a new audience when the book was released, and then a whole new audience when the original hit our screens in our home. With the re-boot, I think some people have forgotten about the premise of the show, and are too focused on the relationships between Carrie and Big, for example.

Credit HBO Max
Credit HBO Max

Anyway, what I really liked was when Carrie moved back into her old cute studio apartment, as he finds herself a new one, but until then, we see Carrie in her natural curls more, her old fashion style, her getting back into dating. Starting a whole new ending of each episode of And Just Like That …. ended with her saying things like And Just Like That… so last week’s episode January 6th, And Just Like That….there’s a glimmer of hope? The question that I think is more real is And Just Like That….is there a glimmer of hope for this series re-boot? with last week’s episode where Carrie is writing at her window, again, writing her epilogue. Where the iconic tutu from the opening credits of the original show. The nostalgia is hitting me.

Also, what some people may not realize that friendships is just as hard, if not harder to deal with, when there is a break-up, than a relationship when it ends. Particularly when there is a sisterhood that develops, like that sister from another mister or brothers from another mother.

Overall, I think it’s good, I’m interested in seeing a season 2, minus the Miranda and Che story-line. I think it’s dead, or that it never really picked up, in my opinion. I like how these ladies, at times, are still relatable, since that is what the premise of the show was to the audience, who began reading Candace Bushnall’s articles, her book, Sex and The City, and later the T.V. show. Candace Bushnell created an alter-ego, Carrie.

I want to share with you some archives of Candace’s articles from her real-life Sex and the City column, from the Observer. She really did live the Sex and the city life. (Yes, journalist Candace Bushnell really did live the ‘Sex and the City’ life – The Washington Post)

(New York) Observer

This article was originally published in the December 2, 1996 edition of The New York Observer.

Candace Bushnell began Sex and the City as a column in The New York Observer in 1994; it subsequently became a book and a series on HBO.

Read the full article here: Monkeys in Manhattan: Making Love and War at 4 A.M.

Credit New York Observer

This article was originally published in the December 23-30, 1996 edition of The New York Observer.

Read the full article here: What Can Cause a Marriage to Wobble—Hookers, Coke, or Stars?

Credit New York Observer

Read the full article here: Mr. Big Wants to Be With Someone ‘Normal’

Credit NewYork Observer

This column was originally published in the December 26, 1994 edition of The New York Observer.

Candace Bushnell began Sex and the City as a column in The New York Observer in 1994; it subsequently became a book and a series on HBO. 

Read the full article here: Manhattan Wedlock: Never-Married Women and Toxic Bachelors

Credit New York Observer

Read the full article here: My Unsentimental Education

If you would like to read all of Candace Bushnell’s (archived) articles, from the New York Observer, click here.

And just like that … Sex and the City has been around for almost thirty years, with some people who have been there from the very beginning. While others have joined upon the book’s release, to the HBO show. I first began watching the show, while I was still in high-school, later reading the book, and even later, reading some of the archived articles on the Observer.

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feature image credit Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

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