Will by Will Smith

Good morning! I really enjoy reading memoirs, specifically when it derives from one of the most celebrated person in their industry.

Will by Will Smith is a memoir that has you escape into his life’s journey from childhood, as in his hometown, West Philadelphia; to becoming a rap star; loosing his earnings; to how he obtain a T.V. show, that practically saved his career, revolutionized his career from television star to movie star, with many blockbuster hits that probably will not break; to his two wives; his children and everything else.


Will is not just a gift for the reader but an absolutely entertaining treat as well. . . . It’s filled with laugh out loud, nostalgic references alongside poignant, powerful, relatable life and career lessons. . . . While we often think of leaders as successful, powerful . . . and oftentimes rich, Smith reminds us that the best leaders are really vulnerable, relatable and teachable.” Forbes

“Will Smith isn’t holding back in his bravely inspiring new memoir . . . An ultimately heartwarming read, Will provides a humane glimpse of the man behind the actor, producer and musician, as he bares all his insecurities and trauma.” —USA Today

Upon reading what Oprah Winfrey has described is, “the best memoir I’ve ever read”, I took from Will Smith’s memoir is this, it was quite fascinating! I found his description of his childhood, his career as the Fresh Prince; the rap star, the development of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air came about, how he had transitioned into movies to become a movie star. His personal life, that one would not have known. It is really, really good. Like with Will Smith going to prison. And, that guy in the opening credits of the sitcom, where he spins Will, is his bodyguard Charlie Mack. It’s a worth while read.


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