my annual 30-day yoga journey

Every year, when January hits, I always do this 30-day yoga journey with Yoga with Adrienne.I find Adriene to be great with dishing out instructions and laid-back. It has already kicked off with the first yoga session on January 2nd, the day after, she had orientation which typically falls on January 1st. After which, each new video drops daily.

In regards to Day 2’s exercise practice, here are the health benefits, as Adriene explains:

This practice is not just about stretching tight hamstrings, or relieving tension in the neck and shoulders. This practice is designed to increase brain health. Today’s session implements an opportunity for you to begin to build a foundation for a regular practice that can assist you in shifting patterns in both brain and body.

Side note: I just found out that on January 2nd, it’s National Introvert Day. I’m an ambivert, who leans a bit more on the extroverted side. However, I was thinking about introverts today as I was posting these home workouts, thinking that they may really like this. Something to do at home, alone, instead of having to go to a gym or to take an exercise class.
All in all, Happy National Introvert Day! Love you all.

Have fun, enjoy the 30-day yoga journey!

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