reflecting on 2021 & my goals for 2022

Can you believe that we are heading into 2022? I can remember that time when all of that Y2K stuff was going on, and I was about thirteen-years-old, when it all went down, and here we are, heading into twenty-two years of the new millennium. 

As I reflect on 2021, what a year. Like any year, it’s filled with ups and downs, that leads to growth, memories, new friends, with old friends that came back throughout the year – how wonderful.  I’ve transferred into another university after leaving University of Calgary, to continue with my education in marketing at University of Toronto. 

31 Business Blogging Stats You Need to Know in 2021
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From a professional stand point, I’ve had some of my goals met, from including a contributor to my blog, to attending seminars hosted by Calgary Chamber of Commerce, to stay in the loop of how the economy is doing, as well as other events, Toronto Board of Trade, and the Mississauga Board of Trade, too, as they do mention the economy nationally, not just provincially. I found it to be quite informative, as I have learned much from different perceptions on certain aspects. Things are progressing wonderfully in all other aspects professionally, that I’m looking forward to. Having been called an experienced copywriter, I thought, yeah, I am. My hard-work of learning, the research that went into it, to learn how to sustain this occupation, I felt satisfied. An experienced creative copywriter. Being called by my professor and an advertising executive a talented advertiser, is complimentary. I have contributed to advertising over the years in my twenties, a bit more than what is mentioned on my website, not a whole lot, don’t get me wrong, just a little bit more. Perhaps, one day, I’ll share. I have written more articles for companies based in the U.S., again, which has been great. 

On a personal level, I’ve begun a project that requires a lot of research, research that will be fun and adventurous, taking me around North America and possibly parts of Europe. I would really like to write a book, so that is what I’m aiming to do. After having written the first draft, I want to bring in another non-fiction author to revise my first draft. Just to be certain. If any revisions need to be made, as there may need to be some, I want that to happen. I do believe that there are certain things in life, that a person gets one shot. This means, not screwing up. 

Self Reflection: A Path to Knowledge and Happiness
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What Is Self-Reflection And Why Is It So Important?
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Lately, I’ve been reminded by some of my great friends to remain who I am, as I am good or even great as I am. I mention this because, we will always come across those who will have an issue with how one communicates, like with me being straightforward, and they fixate on this. Instead of looking past it, to see a person on a big picture format of who they actually are. It is easy to only focus on what we dislike about a person, I find with some people, instead of looking past it, by being more positive by thinking of what their attributes are. Sometimes, this can cause the person who sees things from a negative lens, if something isn’t as they want them to be or should be, or it doesn’t hold up to their standards, to whichever they are. It’s a lack of acceptance. These people tend to think that it is acceptable to try to change a person to be how they want them to be, as opposed to, once again, accepting them for who they are. At the end of the day, people will like you, and that’s great. Those who don’t, well, it’s their loss. They’re missing out. It’s really nice and great to have this reminder even by new friends that I’m perfect how I am. Of course, I believe in growing to become the best version of yourself without changing the foundation of one’s personality. I don’t believe in changing a person. I believe in accepting them for who they are. Then I’ll decide whether or not they have a contribution to my life, and the capacity of their presence will make it into my life. Sometimes, if a person focuses too much on the flaws of a person’s personality, actually a person’s weaknesses are dependent on the person’s perception, they can actually miss out on one the best people that they can have in their lives. Going back to a person’s weaknesses are determined by a person’s point of view, and is reflected on who they are as a person. In other words, what one may view as a flaw/weakness, another person will view it as a strength. An example of myself, I’m what one would refer to as an ambivert. I’m an ambivert who leans more on the extroverted side, without being an actual extrovert. I’m loquacious, comfortable around people, confident socially, friendly, but I also like my “me time”. I need the balance between the two for my batteries to be charged. Too much of one extreme and my batteries go from being charged, to the battery reading low. Oh, I do have energy like the energizing bunny, but I do know how to chill, too, as in needing my time to read. I’ve been referred to mostly as an extrovert/an outgoing personality most of my life, and at times an introvert, even though I’m not shy. If any of this makes any sense, at all. 

I find that even confident people need to check in with their friends from time to time to gain assurance of themselves, and yet, it doesn’t take away from them being confident. I’m well aware of my strengths and weaknesses, that I don’t shy away from mentioning them. It doesn’t mean one lacks confidence by mentioning it, as some believe, it means that they have the confidence and courage to mention these flaws. Does one need to change these flaws? Well, does the flaw take over their life? Can one manage it? Does it even need to be managed? Here’s a trait that is often classified as a flaw, but I have come to realize over the years that it can be a strength, as well, depending on the situation. This trait is stubbornness. This trait is viewed negatively, as it is often displayed negatively due to the context. However, what about a situation that causes one to have to protect themselves? Ot, to stand up for themselves, is being stubborn, still a negative trait? A bad trait to have? If one wasn’t stubborn in protecting themselves, what is theirs, or being able to stand up for themselves, what would happen to that person? And quite possibly, their safety, if it’s in jeopardy. This is when we don’t use the word stubborn, or refer to the person as stubborn, even if they were for all of the right reasons. Anyway, I’m getting so off track. As for myself, lastly, I’ve called it perfect, and yet, I don’t see it at all. For example, I’ve got pride. Is pride another one of those traits like stubbornness? I do believe so. I am a genuine person. What you see is what you get. I don’t know how to be anyone else, but me. I like who I am. I love myself for who I am. I couldn’t be anyone else. I’ve never wanted to be like anyone else, just me. Maybe this is the Leo in myself, who resides on the cups of Cancer-Leo, if one believes in cusps, otherwise, I’m a Leo, with those apparent traits Leos are known to have, one of them being as such, self-love. If astrology wants to be brought into this. As mentioned above, even though I like who I am, and that I have self-love, it’s for these reasons why I continue to grow as a person, without changing the foundation of my personality. Some people when they hear the words growing, or evolving, they think changing, as in a person is changing. Not necessarily. With experiences that I encounter, that is when I like to look into myself, thinking what can I take away from this? What did I learn from this? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who obsesses on this thought to constantly grow. I do believe growth comes from experiences or situations we encounter, particularly the not so good ones. They often are the ones that should have us growing. Life after all, in my opinion, repeats itself, until we have learned from that mistake. Due to my confidence level, and my thick-skin, I have found life to be much more fun to live. Without worry of what one would think. Having the ability to take risks, when it’s necessary to do so, because of the confidence level without being overly confident, and the courageousness to just go out there and give it a shot. If it doesn’t work, two things; walk away knowing that you’ve tried and it didn’t work out, or try again, but perhaps have a strategy or a better strategy in place to make it successful. Research, perhaps? Lastly, I will say that, due to my straightforwardness, to which it doesn’t always mean I speak with (such) simplicity, as I have encountered some people mentioning to me over the years, there isn’t really much to over-think, or any at all. I’m calm as a cucumber kind of person, who is very understanding. I’m an easy person to talk to.

At the end of the day, to check in with my friends to have them say things like what? With a puzzled look on their face, after relaying some things (I won’t call it feedback) that have been said about me, or for them to say things like, “what the hell?”, had me laughing, sorry, but sometimes I do laugh, because of how opposite things that have been said about me are, because it isn’t even me, and/or it isn’t even accurate, so I tend find things sometimes to be outlandish, as anyone would. How a person carries themselves does reflect a person’s perception of that person, but so does how other contributions, such as a person’s mentality that determines how they will view things, for example, are they positive, negative, optimistic, realistic, pessimistic? This takes into an effect. Are they over-thinkers? Passive-aggressive, assertive, and so on? Think-skin or thick-skin? The list goes on that has a contribution that makes each and every one of us that walks on this planet to be different or similar, but never the same. Sometimes when I hear things that people or a person says that aren’t even remotely true. This is all in my observation, which is my opinion. A person may want to challenge me on this, and that’s totally fine. 

My goals for the upcoming year, in 2022, is to have more contributors on my blog, as I enjoy reading the articles that’s being produced, and that I think that they will make a great edition to my website. Continue to strive in other aspects in my professional life, as well as continue down the path of growing and striving in my personal life, as well. This means, heading to Edmonton, to do some research, possibly, hopefully to Kingston, Ontario. Oh, I almost forgot about volunteering at a hospital in the new year, to assist doctors and nurses in the ER and the rehabilitation unit, as well as supporting families and patients. I like to give back. Let’s see. Discover more of my home country. Embarking on an upcoming course for school, so I will be continuing with my education. That is really it, at the moment. I know that I’ll share anything new as the time comes, plus elaborating on anything else that comes my way.

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