on my list to do more of in the new year 2022: face yoga! Series

Good morning, everyone! One of the things I want to do more of is Face Yoga. Some of the facial expressions that you make in the class, are just too funny, that anyone, can’t help but to laugh, while you’re doing the exercise.

I wanted to, to attend the last workshop by Sophia Ha, founder of Face Yoga Renew, however, I wasn’t able to make it, sadly. So, I didn’t. I had decided that I would still R.S.V.P., to her workshops, even if I’m un-able to make it to the live session. I’d figure that if I couldn’t make it live, I’ll watch the video that I have access to for seven days.

So, that’s it. The next couple of workshops, I”m in!! And guess what? Sophia has got a couple of them coming up!

Tension Release Workshop
Credit Face Yoga Renew

Sun., Nov. 28 10:00-11:30 MT | Via Zoom Tension Release Workshop
Are you suffering from jaw tension or headaches? Are the lines on your face becoming deeper and more noticeable? This is the workshop for you!

About the Event

Just like the muscles in the body carry tension, our facial muscles also carry tension!

We FEEL tension when we have headaches, chronic migraines, tired eyes ,TMJ issues, pain/ clenching or clicking in any part of the jaw area.

We SEE tension on the face in forehead wrinkles, 11 lines ( the lines between the eyebrows from furrowing), deep smile lines, and the corners of the lips turning down into a frown.

Sophia has added three NEW exercises to this event!!

Remember, TMJ issues, clenching, grinding, and clicking of the jaw can all massively affect your ability to properly practise any of the resistance exercises (the exercises that help with the all round sculpture of your face). 

In this workshop, we’re loving ourselves up with facial acupressure and delicious facial massage – my favourite!!! These exercises will help you reduce and prevent facial tension, and allow you to practise your Face Yoga routine safely and properly.

Reminder: this is the LAST Tension Release Workshop of the year!

What you get:
* Unlimited access to the workshop replay for 7 days for you to continue practising at your own convenience
* A written break down of the core exercises taught in the workshop
* Q & A for any questions you might have
* Downloadable images of the muscle and muscle groups we’re working with

Lift & Sculpt
Credit Face Yoga Renew

Sun., Dec. 1210:00-11:30 MT | Via Zoom Lift & Sculpt
Are you noticing your face your face drop? Missing the sculpture and definition of your cheeks and jawline? This is the workshop for you!

About the Event

In this workshop you’ll learn my go to exercises to give your face a quick lift!

The number one aesthetic aging complaint is seeing ones face change- losing sculpture and definition. We see this predominantly as our cheeks drop and we develop the dreaded double chin, jowls and “ turkey neck”.

Here we focus on stimulating lifting and toning the facial muscles, resulting in redefining the sculpture of your face- giving you the ultimate Natural Face Lift!

As for myself, I do need to book a private, one-on-one session with Sophia. I need to learn some customized exercises for my heart shaped face, along with keeping headaches, like migraines away, calming of the mind, so for medical purposes and some more, that I cannot think of at the moment.

If you are planning on trying to face yoga, or thinking about it, I’d say, go for it!! Try any of the workshops. I hope you enjoy it, as much as I do!


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