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Hey, everyone!

I initially branded Inside My World, as a city-based blog, and have realized, even though I’m a city girl, as my cousin with whom I’m close to, who is from a small-town has told me, it’s what I know. Growing up in a city, or as I think of Sauga, which was a new city, was a suburb back in the day, compared to what it is now. Sorry, let me re-phrase that. A suburb and a city combined, is probably more of an accurate description, without getting to deep in explanation.

Over the past few months, I have moved slowly away from writing (typing) gimmick-y type posts that a lot, not all, bloggers tend to write or type, like 25 tasty (fill in the blank). As I get older, I’m in my mid-thirties, and thankfully, I have inherit great genes from my parents and my family that I still look like I’m in my twenties, with some help to sustain my good skin, I have found myself really enjoy writing and the whole writing process. From discovering something, researching it (I’m a phenomenal researcher – you will discover this in a couple years, if not sooner. More on that later), to writing about my findings, and actually writing. Writing about current events (I like to stay on top of this, this can include business, an industry I grew up in and a family that is very business-oriented); to self-care; books I’m reading, as opposed to the 10 books to read for Autumn (or something like that), perhaps get back into interviewing, say authors; to recipes to share with you, and the creativity that comes with writing. Collaborating with other bloggers, professionals of their industry, guest post of someone or a professional who wants to share let’s say a recipe, fitness or something like that, even if it isn’t a recipe.

I’ve always been a fan of quality over quantity. I’m the kind of girl that has moments when I like to dress-up and other times when I like being in casual clothes that are fitted and look good on me. I’m stylish, but I would never in my life, have I ever called myself trendy. To be stylish is different than to be trendy. So, yes, I like to look presentable. I don’t own sweats. There are days, when I want to wear make-up and then there are days when I could care-less. The same goes with my very thick hair, that may I add isn’t naturally straight. I’m a typical sneaker wearing type of girl, who wears high-heels when there is a reason to wear them. I don’t own a car. Never needed to where I used to live in Mississauga (Sauga), as I lived on the border of Sauga and Toronto, so I was near a go-train station that would take me into Union Station, just as long as it would take to drive to Union Station, or Downtown, for that matter. High-heels aren’t practical for a walker, like me. I don’t typically wear jewellery, unless I have a reason to wear jewellery. That doesn’t mean I don’t like earrings, rings (I can never find a ring that can actually fit and remain fitted on my finger, on my small hands. It’s so freaking annoying), necklaces, etc. I am classy. I am sophisticated. I mean who doesn’t enjoy staying at a 4-star hotel, or a 5-star hotel? With a fabulous view? The everything? Or, to be in a Bently? It’s like driving on air. Oh yes,, I’m into skin-care, abso-freaking-lutley (thought for the sake of this post, I’d paraphrase Mr. Big from Sex and the City). I am a positive person, a pleasant person, who is often told how likeable I am, to which I like people, too. I am an ambivert, however, I am comfortable around others, and I’m loquacious (by the size of this post, can you tell? LOL), so for this reason, as an ambivert, I lean a bit on the extroverted side. That doesn’t mean, that I don’t need or enjoy my me-time, as much I need and want to enjoy my time with friends and family, others, really. I’m an intellectual, that people don’t always seem to realize until they converse with me. Oh, how I keep it real, lol. If you are into astrology, I’m a Leo, born on July 24th. If you believe in cusps, than I’m a Cancer-Leo cusp.

My parents divorced when I was a year-old, so a toddler, almost two-years-old. They re-married within five months. One to a Portuguese man from Portugal, while the other re-married to an Italian. That is all I will say on that subject. I’ve got six siblings; four sisters and two brothers, all of whom are technically my half-siblings, even though in my mind we are not half-siblings, they are my full-siblings, as they and I were brought up as though we are full-siblings, with that mentality. With that connection, with that bond.

I’m the kind of person who always has a lot on my plate. I like to keep busy. That even includes having moments of spontaneity to just road-trip or head to Banff for an afternoon, to writing a post (typing). working on my new project, to working, to whatever. I need variety like I need air to breath, or I’ll get bored. I feed my boredom, by finding activities to do, even if it’s chores. Even with chores, I’ll find a way to make it fun. If there’s another person or people present, I’ll probably turn it into a game, and say something like, :the last person to do blah, blah, has to buy a round of drinks tonight”, I don’t know, something along those lines. I just have a tendency to make things fun. To celebrate a hard days work, or a productive day, why not? It can be just chilling watching a movie. Whatever. I can be the go big or go home kind of person, or, with a mixture of being low-key. Oh, did I mention, on top of it, I am in school? I’m really good at organizing everything that’s on my plate, while still being able to have time to live life, meaning more of dating. Any man that wants to be with me, is going to have to have the energy to keep up. I’m just saying. I sometimes say, that I have moments when I’m like the energy bunny. Man, not only can that be exhausting for others, how the person living in that skin? Talk about combating insomnia (I’ve got a post coming up on that, since I’ve done my share of research, that I want to share).

I’m the kind of person who can read a book and watch T.V., at the same time. Or, how about, that I need something in my hands, a tablet, a magazine, as mentioned, a book, for me to watch T.V. Oh, I go to movies, but I’m selective on which movie I’ll watch in theatres, since I shut my phone off to be respectful towards others who came to enjoy a movie, and well, for myself, too.

After speaking in tangent, in you getting to know a bit more of me, I will continue to say this about this blog, how often will I write? I really don’t know. It could be one post a month, or two posts a month. I definitely want to take you more into my world. As I’ve been told with the description, it’s a fascinating world. Even though, I don’t know. I’ll get more into my lifestyle, like how and why I’m a flexitarian, that I don’t think I actually discussed, than a surfaced based account. I’m very healthy, so what the hell do I do in my mid-thirties, as an average woman, who doesn’t hire a trainer, a nutritionist/dietitian, etc.? Oh, I’ve set up sessions over the past years on somethings, like living with being lactose-intolerant, and the many foods that contain milk addictives, and no, I’m not referring to just plain ol’ milk, there’s a difference. So, yes, I watch documentaries, as well, as fiction-based shows and movies. Non-fiction books and fiction book, I do read. I’m a very insightful lady.

Well, there you have it! Hope you enjoy more of my blog, Inside My World!!


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