who’s up for a cheek lift with face yoga?!

I was all set to attend the latest workshop, hosted by Sophia Ha for Face Yoga Renew, to give my cheeks an uplift. Oh, and let’s not forget the nasolabial folds, the smile lines. As I was about to embark on this session, I fell ill. Don’t you just hate when that happens? It’s like, you are looking forward to something and you can’t partake in the event or whatever it may be, because of something like, not feeling well? Anyway, I got to enjoy a re-play of the workshop with Sophia, for an entire week, which is awesome.

I would highly recommend, the beautiful Sophia. She’s is such a wonderful and beautiful soul. She conducts her workshops in an informative, fun, helpful way. Her workshops usually go for around $55 for an hour and a half, with a week of a re-play of the workshop. Or, you could always book her for a session, to know which exercises are good for your face shape.

In this great and amazing workshop on the cheeks and nasolabial folds, here’s all I have learned:

  • Cheeks represent joy – laughing, smiling, happy, pleasant. it’s the muscles that we use when we’re laughing.
  • With the cheeks, as we age, we see the cheeks drop and sag.
  • We also see the nasolabial folds, a.k.a. smile lines, deepen
  • everyone has (smile lines) nasolabial folds at some point, even if you look at yourself as a kid, you will see the nasolabial folds, as we get older they deepen.
  • When it comes to the cheek muscles, to see the apples of the cheeks, to hold the smile.
  • Being in front of the screen all day, our face lays. Everything slouches. Lips turned down, cheeks fall down.
  • Part of Face Yoga, is facial awareness. What your facial posture throughout the day?
  • So many things affects the cheeks.
  • When you focus, we do funny things with our mouth (just watch kids or yourself)
  • the chin muscles and the cheek muscles are attached to the mouth.
  • It’s about bringing awareness to the centre of the face; to the cheek muscles.

Facial Awareness

  • Furrow between the eyebrows
  • Lifting the forehead
  • Clench teeth
  • Something simple as a soft smile – they release endorphins, which are happy hormones
  • Facial expressions give so much information to the brain

3 Things to Keep in Mind

  • Facial posture: posture with the face; squinting eyes, clenching teeth, etc. (more mentioned above in facial awareness.
  • Posture of the Body: whether you have good posture or not, it shows up on the face.
    “What does my posture have to do with my face, my cheeks?” A lot.


Latisma muscle: can create double chin when muscles are shorten. It’s connected to the patisma muscle. The patisma muscles connects to the (depressive muscles) chin muscles, connects to the mouth muscles, and then the cheek muscles connects to the corner of the mouth.

  • a lot of tension through the day, pulls down the mouth, the face, the cheeks. Sometimes, when we have tight master muscles that can pull down the cheeks.
  • Posture is HUGE!! Throughout the day, check-in.

The exercises are a combination of release exercises and resistant exercises. For these exercises spine, neck and head are in an alignment.

If you’re sitting, sit at the edge of the chair, with feet spread, hips width apart, will help to sustain the spine, neck and head alignment.

Standing is much easier to obtain the alignment.

Breath: the breathing aspect is so important here, because, the breath stimulates the blood circulation. It’s the blood circulation is what is bringing the oxygen to your facial muscles and to your skin.

Pay attention to the sensation of each exercise and to focus on the sensation.

The exercises give fuller cheeks, some exercises slim down the face and is good for smoker lines.

People would generally begin seeing results from eight weeks to twelve weeks, depending on the consist one is, in doing the exercises.

Exercises that release and reenlistment

  1. Chest opener: to open the chest.
  2. The Big “O” – stimulates the blood circulation, giving you a nice glow.
    – helps with nasoliabold folds (smile lines)
    – also to use as a resistance
    – important to stay hydrated
    – great for smoker lines
  3. The “WOW” – stimulates blood circulation, give you a glow.
    – great to do on its own.
    – used in this workshop as a warm-up.
    – wakes up the facial muscles.
  4. Acupressure Push – focuses on the nasoliabal folds
    – we carry so much tension in the inner cheeks by nose, just under your
    – helps to release tension.
  5. Nasolabual Fold Lift Up 2-in-1 Resistance Exercise – helps to reduce the nasolabial folds and it helps to plump and lift the cheeks.
  6. Puffer Fish – great for smoker lines.
    – amazing for smile lines.
  7. Rolly Polly – again for smile lines.
    – resistance exercise.
  8. Cheeks & Face Line Lifter – amazing exercise to lift up the cheeks and make them fuller.
  9. 3-in-1 Cheek Exercise – lifts your cheeks.
    – makes your cheeks more plump.
    – helps with smile lines if done correctly. Otherwise, if it is done incorrectly, you can create deep smile lines.

If you would like a demonstration on how you can do these exercises, I’d recommend, booking Sophia for a session, or join her for her next workshop, to which I think one may be coming up in a couple of weeks, or so. You will have to check out her website for when there is an upcoming workshop! Or, book a session, with the amazing Sophia!

Have you tried Face Yoga? Or, any of these exercises? If so, which ones are your faves? Let me know in the comments! I enjoy them all, actually.


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