let’s go for another round of face yoga! neck & jawline edition!

Last week, I partook in another great Face Yoga workshop, with Sophia Ha – Face Yoga Renew. This time it was all about the neck and jawline. It was just as scrumptious as the last session. Informative as always. What is Face Yoga? How is it beneficial? You will love to read up on my article is face yoga better than botox? or is it equally as good?

I got another great work-out doing these exercises. There was at least one exercise that was quite funny. It reminded of a dead fish or something. I usually have a tight upper back and neck. I found these exercises so helpful that it release any tension and all of the tension in my upper back and neck. Absolutely fantastic! I felt so much better the next day.

Some of the best exercises to help prevent a double chin, to help prevent wrinkles and fine lines, to strengthen the neck muscles and jawline and exercise for neck tension, are:

  • turtleneck
  • the “WOW” expression
  • swan neck
  • swimming swan
  • big “O”
  • double-chin lift

**If a person has any jaw tension, upper back tension (like me); there are moderations, which is good to seek someone like Sophia, out to learn the moderation version of these exercises.

The things that I’ve learned from Sophia in this workshop, that will probably be really helpful for when you concentrate on your neck and jawline in Face Yoga:

  • have to take care of your neck!
  • in Face Yoga, we so, so much to lift everything up.
  • when it comes to the neck and jawline, posture is so incredibly important!

Why is posture so important?

  • The muscles in your neck are connected to your muscles in your chest.
  • The muscle in the centre of your neck, the trapezius connects to your muscle in your jaw.

What is the trapezius muscle in your neck?

Trapezius. The trapezius muscle is a large surface muscle that spans from the base of the skull down the cervical spine and into the lower thoracic spine (mid back), as well as out to the shoulder blade. The two trapezius muscles together form a kite shape.

  • being on a computer all day, spending a few hours a day looking down on your phone or any tablet, using your phone (or tablet) – hunch over causes the muscles in the back to shorten. The more we hunch, the more the muscles in our neck, the trapezius, to shorten as we age, and when our posture gets poor. So important to keep it elongated.
  • one of the most important things to do is to check-in throughout the day, especially when you’re at the computer all day. Once an hour, once every half hour, or throughout the day to see how you’re posture is doing.

Three things to remember throughout the exercises:

  1. Posture -sit to the edge of the seat with your feet about hip width apart. Planted firmly on the ground. You’ll notice that it will help with the alignment once you sit forward by sitting up straight. If you slouch, you will not be able to get the muscles that we are trying to get engaged.
  2. Breath – pay attention to your breath, just like in yoga class. The breath is so very important. Allow the rhythm of your breath to dictate your movement. The reason as to why your breathing is so important when your doing yoga, when you’re working out is because, you’re stimulating blood circulation to your muscles that you are working with and that brings oxygen to your muscles. This is really important.
  3. Focus on the area that you are working on and focus on any sensation you feel.

Ready to get your Face Yoga on?


2 Replies to “let’s go for another round of face yoga! neck & jawline edition!”

  1. Hey!! 🌸

    Great tips. I needed this. The only thing that I would like you to add are a few images or videos because I’m not aware of what a swimming swan pose would be like. πŸ™‚
    I hope to read and learn more from you πŸ•Š

    Liked by 1 person

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