Love My Mickey & Minnie Mouse Pot Art!

There’s this lady in the Calgary area in Alberta who does this super cute, amazing pot art. I just had to put in an order for pot art. At first, I wanted so much pot art, but realistically, I had to narrow it down. I couldn’t decide between Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, so I went with both. You can’t have one without either, really. They are a pair. What lovebirds, they are. LOL. I love Disney! Mickey & Minnie are my jam! I got it narrowed down, and let’s go with Mickey & Minnie. 

Earlier this year, I told Dee that I wanted to order my two fave Disney characters. She put so much effort and time in creating this Mickey & Minnie Mouse pot art. I believe it took her a couple of months to draw, to paint and to ensemble it. There is so much hard-work that went into this. She even did some things differently for it to be coordinated really well. I’m glad that she has gotten many orders just from Minnie Mouse pot art, alone. Never mind both of them. I love them!!! My sister loves them, too. I get asked where I buy these from? Who makes these? 

I’ve seen a few pot arts done, but nothing that has been so well made, so pretty. I leave mine outside because I can. She puts a spray on it to protect them from the rain, everything. I’m still figuring out what kind of flowers/plants I want to put in them. 

I love how they are sitting on a bench, with the word love on it, and a maple leaf to represent Canada, and to me, Ontario. Ontario has so many maple leaves. It’s so beautiful to be in Ontario in Autumn. The leaves change to such beautiful colours of red, yellow, gold, orange. It reminds me of when I would travel up North for Thanksgiving for about twenty-five years with family friends who are from Georgeown, who are more like family than anything. This would be one of a few times when I would see them at these cottages that my mom and her high-school friend and her sisters and our family and their families would rent for the weekend. So cool! I didn’t even tell Dee about this memory. So, it’s just a coincidence that I got a red maple leaf under the word love on the bench in between Mickey & Minnie Mouse. 


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