What I’ve Learned About Journaling

I didn’t grow up journaling, therefore, this is a whole new venture for me. At first I wasn’t sure about journaling. I never had done it before until my therapist suggested it to me. I’m a thinker. My mind has a tendency to not turn off unless it feels burnt out, to which it can result in a migraine or when I feel tired. Otherwise, I have to trick my mind when it’s time to go to bed, because it doesn’t shut off. Hence the reason as to why I have insomnia. Oh joy. LOL. 

What I have learned about journaling is how helpful it is to express my thoughts, any thoughts that pop into my head. I’ve learned that it helps a lot. If you had asked my younger self, I’d disagree with anyone whomever told me how therapeutic journaling is. Now, well, times have changed for this mid-30 something. A thought can be thinking about the walk I had and anything interesting I had discovered, maybe it’s a new hiking trail, a new exhibit, a new/classic theatre show, movie, book, and I just want to express what’s on my mind. It can be a to-do list, goal(s), the tasks it takes to reach that (those) goal for the month. One of the things I’m working on is to manage stress. Whenever I’m in any intensely stressful environment I have panic attacks. As my therapist and doctor has said, my anxiety is normal for many reasons, but in regards to this one, it can be reduced once I learn how to handle an intense amount of stress that doesn’t result in anxiety attacks. One of the things is to detach mentally and emotionally by not letting things get to me. For the first time in a very long time, I don’t feel as though I have anxiety. I feel like my old self, before the anxiety manifested in my late teens. I go to stress management seminars, as well to help me. I do get anxious when I’m faced with heights and needles, to which my therapist and doctors over the years has stated is that it’s normal to feel anxious towards a fear or another most common form is presenting in front of others to handing in an assignment/project/exam, it’s a common form of anxiety. It ultimately means that I’m an over-achiever, which is why I want to do well or even exceed. Since I don’t feel anxious on a daily basis or anywhere near as often as I used to anymore, not without reason, I will journal my feelings for when I do feel anxious for the external reasons as I had mentioned. In addition, to write out my experience in trying out floatation therapy, cryotherapy, or a new pop culture activity or a new adventure. Events do reflect on your feel and what your thoughts showcase. 

I’ve also learned that journaling doesn’t always have to be about you. It can be about a friend or anything good going on in your life a friend’s life, or any challenges. It can also be about relationships, like friendships, anything.

What else I have learned about myself through journaling is there’s actually something that is worth documenting, even if it’s the excitement of your first fruit and/or veggie plant of the season blossoming with the fruit or veggie. One of mine, is my jalapeno plant. I’ve decided that I’m going to grow both; green and red jalapeno. The red ones are hotter than the green ones. It’s a chilli pepper. I’ve never seen a red jalapeno, so I’m excited to see them. It’s sometimes the littlest things that can really make your day by putting a smile on your face. Like a neighbour giving you very good homemade bakery goods, anything.

These things may not be directly about you, but they ultimately affect you. At the end of the day, situations and worldly events reflect how you react and how you feel.

The other aspect of journaling that I didn’t think I would ever know, is how much more aware I am of myself, than I ever did before. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a self-aware person. It’s just enhanced.

For someone like me who is a go, go, go kind of person, I do need to stop every now and again, and to just chill and relax and really appreciate the small things, but mostly to live in the moment at all times, not just sometimes. No need to over plan everything. Just somethings. It’s appreciating the moment, what you’ve got and to be thankful that I’ve made it another day, another trip around the sun.

I’ll show you my bullet journal in the next post!!


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