My Fave Products from Athia!

Athia! Oh, how I love Athia! It’s one of my favourite vegan, cruelty-free skin-care lines that’s out there. It works instantaneously and the formula goes deep into your pores. That’s the other thing I love about Athia, is that it isn’t a surface-based skin-care line. 

I’ve curated my fave Athia products, that I know you will love, too!!

Daily Facial Cleanser

Daily Facial Cleanser $34

Our Anti-aging Cleanser prevents and protects your skin from dryness. Infused with purifying gold flakes, you’ll notice reduced shine utilizing our proprietary anti-aging and moisturizing agent.

Deep Cleansing
Skin Brightening

Daily Defence Matte Moisturizer $46

This lightweight protective moisturizer provides anti-aging benefits and broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection in a sheer, easy-to-wear formula. Designed for daily use, it blends seamlessly and leaves an imperceptible finish. This unfragranced, mineral-enhanced lotion also contains fruit stem cells, green tea and knotgrass extract to help defend the skin against environmental damage. Skin receives just the right amount of moisture and nourishment to look soft and healthy, every day.

Sun Protection
Unrivaled Efficacy

Retinol Night Cream

Retinol Night Cream $82

Our Retinol Night Cream is your anti-aging defense against both dry skin and wrinkles. Especially designed for sensitive skin to strengthen and energize. Our triple-action formula moisturizes, protects and repairs skin providing visibly smooth results.

High Potency
Deep Penetration
Intense Hydration

Coconut Lip Mask $28

With the targeted benefits of a mask and the moisturizing feel of a balm, this luxurious Coconut Lip Mask works to soften and nourish dry, parched lips. The reparative formula delivers a surge of moisture, helping to improve dry, flaky texture overnight. Natural, ultra-rich shea butter helps to counteract the effects of dryness and dehydration without the use of petroleum, while Vitamin E soothes the skin, restoring a hydrated, healthy appearance.

Unrivaled Efficacy
A Greener Take

Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Anti-Aging Eye Cream $86

Formulated with an active lifestyle in mind, our Anti-aging Eye Cream utilizes a proprietary peptide technology to tighten, strengthen and smooth skin. Enjoy youthful smooth results with our advanced-protectant, skin renewal formula. Decrease wrinkles and smooth fine lines to protect and renew skin with daily use.

Plumps & Lifts
Combats Signs of Aging

Champagne Face Mask $40

Our Champagne Face Mask illuminates, revitalizes and boosts skin complexion. Infused with illuminating pearl and coral powder, you’ll notice a brighter and more vibrant complexion. Minerals and amino acids work synergistically to give your skin a naturally beautiful appearance.

Soothes Skin
Replenishes Minerals
Restores Essential Amino Acids
Brightens and Illuminates Skin
Evens Complexion
Clarifies and Detoxifies

Athia has dropped a new collection to the Athia family, Eden Belle by Athia, Active Teen, Active Skincare!

Introducing a skincare line formulated for the active lifestyle of a teenager: Eden Belle. We have done the work for you to bring you only the easiest and most nourishing skincare line for your teen. It does more than cleanse, tone, and hydrate. They work together to gently exfoliate dead skin cells away to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, and lifeless skin. Reveal a naturally vibrant complexion and maintain it through the teens years into adulthood. The natural ingredients combined with our specially formulated Milk-Tech lactic acid, work to exfoliate, boost skin cell growth, and balance the skin’s pH.

From now until July 7th, 2021, receive 30% off on your next purchase when you use the code BBASSH24.

What are your faves from Athia? Have you tried Athia? I’d love to know!!


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