Unabomber: In His Own Words

Mind-blowing! From a kid like myself who grew-up in the 90s, born in the mid-89s, I wasn’t all that aware of these things going on. Ubabomber, being the most expensive man-hunt case in the United States, and with well over 100 federal agents in persist of capturing him.

Ted Kaczynski, photo taken from a year book, circa 1958

An IQ of 167, Ted Kaczynski appeared to have a bright future, who could have accomplished so many things. What went wrong? Between 1959-1962, what would be perceived in today’s standards as completely un-ethical and even, evil, was normal then. Ted was lured and deceived into partaking in experiments against his will as an undergraduate at Harvard University, beginning at the age of sixteen, as many other undergraduates were, on a weekly basis. These experiments, conducted by Henry Murray (to which the documentary delves into), traumatized Ted. In my opinion, these experiments changed Ted. Developed all kinds of issues. He was a sixteen-year-old, happy boy!

The Netflix documentary elaborates the beginnings of Ted, with interviews from his neighbours in Montana, when he lived in a shack, to his capture, to Ted’s trial, the experiments, and who cracked the code on the Unabomber’s identity and in her words, turning him into the FBI!

Unabomber: In His Own Words consists of four very informative episodes, that covers everything!

After watching Unabomber: In How Own Words, I had to watch Manhunt season 1 again, which is also on Netflix. The first season covers the capture of the Unabomber.


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