Beauty Review: Eluo Beauty Facial Oil Forma Rosea

Hey, everyone! I had only discovered Eluo through the Jilly Box, curated by Jillian Harris!!

I love this @eluobeauty facial oil forma rosacea! 💕My skin is left feeling silky-soft! Forma Roscea hydrates the skin. @eluobeauty uses all natural ingredients. I love the packaging, too! It feels like I’m at my favourite spa, going for a luxurious facial. Its a wonderful addition to an at-home facial. In my stories, I’ve you can see me mixing the powder with the water to create the mud mask. Recipe is on my blog, I’ll post it again, soon. The brush that is well-made, makes all the difference in creating an at-home spa!

Eluo Face Oil in Forma Rosea Benefits:

HYDRATE Nourishing essential fatty acids from coconut powder and hydrating essential oils of sandalwood and rose restore balance of moisture to reveal supple and lightly hydrated skin.

BRIGHTEN SKIN TONE Potent regenerating essential oils of carrot seed, frankincense and geranium encourage cell turnover to even tone and minimize pigmentation.

SMOOTH TEXTURE Finely ground rosehip and chamomile powders gently exfoliate to reduce surface impurities, completely transforming the texture of skin.

PROMOTE REGENERATION An indulgent blend of replenishing essential oils and clays from the earth promote natural restoration by stimulating circulation and delivering vital nourishment to the surface of dry, mature skin. 

Recommended for weekly application, in combination with a routine of gentle daily cleansing and replenishing hydration with nourishing plant based face oils.

If you would like to follow Eluo’s usage guide, click on the link!

I only needed about half the tablespoon that is recommended for my face. I did add a bit of water gradually. If you had seen my inst stories, I broke it down, as I did some mixology, by creating this mud mask. 🙂 And, apply the deep cleansing facial oil Forma Rosea.

You’ve got to get it and the brush applicator, too!!

Have you tried Eluo Facial Oil? Let me know in the comments!


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