Banff Two-Day Trip

My Mom surprised my brother and me with a two-day trip to Banff. It was fun and wonderful, despite almost everything we had planned on doing, didn’t workout. We had planned on going to a movie and dinner. The movies that were offered weren’t good. So, our back-up plan was to go bowling, Tuesdays is half-off on wings, so way too busy, we had to have reservations, or to wait for a lane to open up. We nixed that and went to a pub to watch the NHL game. I am by no means into sports. I do know soccer very well, but I know baseball like I know my name. I do thoroughly enjoy attending sporting events, especially when there are good seats involved. It’s so much more fun. Anyway, the Leafs lost against, I can’t remember who. The food, however at Rose & Crown, delivered big proportions, which is a good thing, because the food is so good. I ate almost the entire pizza, which is so rare for me. I eat slowly and in small proportions. My Mom and I did walked near the river, which starts from Banff and ends at the Hudson River. I wish I could recall the name of it, to do some sight-seeing of the mountains, and the surrounding area. It’s always so breath-taking. It doesn’t get old or boring. The next morning, we had gone to this breakfast restaurant that was across the street from our hotel. I had a crepe stuffed with bananas, nutella and ice-cream. It totally reminded me that I’ve got a crepe maker, and that I seriously need to make crepes more. Oh, and paninis and waffles. I love them! On our way home, we had made a quick stop at Lake Louise. I’ve now been to Lake Lousie, but I haven’t actually seen it, as it was frozen. Here some pictures from the trip:




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