Let’s talk about fast-food going sustainable

Hi, everyone! I just thought, why not discuss sustainability, since more and more companies are becoming eco-friendly. With this main fast-food chain entering into the environmental-friendly, which has become such importance, some would agree, while others wouldn’t.

As far as sustainability goes, many companies are hopping on board, including a Canadian province that has banned plastic all-together. That province is British Colombia, with Ontario to follow, or so it seems, but may in the future. However, with one company I am going to discuss is a Canadian beloved company that has become more sustainable in recent years. In 2016, A&W became the first fast-food company to join National Zero Waste Council (NZWC) and in 2018 to sign the plastics charter. One of the major changes to reduce waste is re-usable and compostable packaging. This includes re-usable ceramic mugs, ceramic plates, stainless steel forks and knives, and metal fry baskets to our restaurants. In addition to, food packaging, including burger bags, takeout bags, napkins, and straws are all compostable. An example that I have recently noticed is plastic straws have been replaced with paper-like straws. 

As far as A&W goes with its strong need to go on this route with sustainability more than any other fast-food restaurant has been able to do. By re-placing all plastic cutlery and paper plates with stainless-steel cutlery and ceramic plates. Although, at Tim Horton’s, when dining in, this restaurant chain has only ever used ceramic bowls, plates, mugs and stainless-steel forks and knives, long before A&W has switched over. The only difference between these two Canadian chains is that A&W has taken it a step further by reducing 20% less material compared to the original coffee sleeve due to a smaller grip size and less waste in production. These sleeves are actually made with recycled paperboard and water based inks and are completely recyclable and compostable. Another example that A&W has been able to accomplish is to replace foil bags that held the burger in with other paperboard items over to a compostable waxed paper bag. 

In conclusion, I can see other large fast-food chains, as in McDonald’s hopping on board to follow suit. Simply because, as a major leading company that probably is the number one burger joint that consumers turn to for a burger more than any other company, will want to take lead. More than A&W, they will be promoting their efforts on how sustainable they have become. This will also attract millennials, and I mean younger millennials, I’m an older millennial, which puts in the middle between both generations, therefore, younger millennials are more up to date than someone like myself in regards to sustainability companies offer. That’s not to say, that I’m not, there is that difference, however. Even so, millennials have become educated, to which it makes them more concerned, as far as A&W is concerned, this direction of the changes, they are hoping to attract the younger clientele. 

Companies have begun to only accept debit/credit and apple pay, as their only form of payment, eliminating or hoping to stop paper money from being produced, making these companies go paper-less. More and more companies as years, decades go on, will be adopting this idea, as they see less major companies have become quite successful, as they have, that will lead to major companies following suit, including A&W, since it wants to expand is target to attract millennials and the younger generation. Sustainable marketing has only really just begun, and it isn’t going anywhere, it’s only going to increase as the years and decades continue.

This was actually an assignment I had recently submitted. Because, it has been said that this paper is factually correct, reflective and a substantive contribution that is advanced, I do want to know your thoughts on companies becoming more and more sustainable? Are you on board with it?







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