Friday Favourites: All Things Halloween from My Fave Bloggers and More!

Morning, everyone! For today’s post, I had thought that I’d share with you some fun Halloween food and decor, mainly food, lol, with a couple bloggers I really like. It’s so fun to see what these ladies have come up with! Plus, a little something extra that isn’t in relation to food and decorations. 

Let’s begin with Jillian Harris, she comes up with great Halloween ideas:




Jillian says that this Mystical Black Widow Cocktail is the perfect bevy to indulge in while getting dressed up, or to serve up at your Halloween party to really wow your guests!

For the recipe turn to her blog: Mystical Black Widow Cocktail

Which cake is for you?! Jillian’s or Lauren’s, in my opinion, they both look so fantastic and yummy!! 




Jillian says: If you’re looking for an eerie treat to serve up at your Halloween party this year, we have you covered. This blood curdling black forest cake is just as creepy as it is delicious! Loaded with canned cherries (and a splash of cherry liqueur!), indulgent chocolate, and topped with spooky marshmallow cobwebs!

Get the recipe: Blood Curdling Black Forest Cake

All images are courtesy of


Edible Obsession: Halloween Cake Decorating Ideas, get Lauren’s recipe! 


So cute are these Hocus Pocus: DIY Trick-or-Treat Pails?! 

If you have not seen Halloween, you really should. Hollywood has made a really good sequel from the original. In my opinion from someone who has recently seen the movie, it’s a really good scary movie! And, it has become a hit at the box office. 

Happy Halloween!





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