My Visit to Osgoode Hall

Well, I’m here! Union Station now has this different exit, then what I am familiar with. What do I mean? Upon exiting union from Front St. & Bay St., it’s now Front & York. Okay. No problem, I thought. I’ll get to this French bakery in no time. Nope. Man, was I wrong! I walked through Toronto, just to find this place on Yonge Street. Let me explain what I mean when I say walk through Toronto, I’m walking through King Street, Chinatown, Queen St., Queen’s Park, Discovery District (No, I don’t mean Distillery, as I’m often corrected), Eaton’s Centre, Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) – more on this visit on my day two in Toronto, Yorkville (I always end up in Yorkville, even when I’m not trying to. No complaints.) and…there’s Yonge Street! Finally! Three hours later of walking, I get to this bakery. The treats looks yummy. The macaroons, croissants, etc., buuut there isn’t a place to sit, and not what I want. It’s still the top French bakery in the city! Looks fabulous! Would come back, as long as I was not wanting to sit, and just wanted a traditional French pastry. So I had nixed that idea, and got on walking again to the Financial District. I like walking along this district, in addition to Yorkville, North York and the Casa Loma neighborhood. Osgoode Hall, was on of the places I had visited upon my way to Royal Thompson Hall (RTH).


Speaking of Osgoode Hall, I went inside this historical building for the second time. The admission price is free, however, you do have to go through a security check before entering the building. If any Torontotarian may know, is Osgoode Hall, in addition to having a few courtrooms, also had a law school, that has now been transferred to York University. In the late 1800’s, my Great-Great-Uncle was a professor at Osgode Hall Law School for many years. Oh, and the courtrooms. Upon partaking in a tour almost four years ago, before I had moved to Alberta, I had learned that these courtrooms, are very traditionally English style. No witness stand. Only allows prosecutor, defense attorney and judge. There really isn’t anyone sitting in the courtroom unless you are part of the defense or prosecutor team. as it was forbidden back then, and still is today. Also above the judge’s area is the traditional English crest. Very small. So it’s difficult to get into these courtrooms, as well as, exiting them. These courtrooms, along with Old City Hall, and I know this for a fact, are used for high-profile cases, so high-end attorneys (A.D.A., D.A., etcetra use these establishments). The library is in it’s original form, especially the winding stairs. Lastly, when I went to Osgoode Hall on this day, a lovely couple were having their wedding photos taken. Very common.



Library behind the library




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