My Secrets to Younger-Looking Skin

One thing I’m often mistaken for is my age. I’m in my early thirties, and I’m often mistaken for being about ten years younger. It’s a compliment, now that I’m older, but not so much when you are younger. I used to drink coffee, I drink socially, the reason I’m mentioning this, is because I have heard a lot of the years of women saying that they don’t drink coffee, they don’t drink alcohol, they don’t do this, but that they do this and this. It’s like they are living in this perfect world where we should all be doing the right things to maintain younger-looking skin, without thinking about cosmetic surgery. Truth is, some of us like to drink (I can’t anymore), some of us like to enjoy a glass of wine, cocktail or two when out with friends, some of us don’t always get the aright amount of sleep, or always drink the right amount water. It’s life. Real women, who don’t have a dietitian or nutritionist, a fitness instructor or anyone on call, don’t have that luxury.
Yes, in the perfect world, we would all get our eight hours of sleep daily, drink our eight glasses of water, and so on. Or the don’t smile, unless you have something to actually smile, otherwise, it give you wrinkles later in life. Have you heard that one? Wow.
I’m a real woman, living in this real world.
To get this out of the way, yes, I do have good genes on both sides of my family. Aside from that though, here are my tips:
I try to drink my eight glasses of water to hydrate my skin, daily,. It doesn’t always work. I don’t like water, unless it’s flavoured or super-cold. However, green tea is what I like, preferably flavoured green tea, which hydrates your skin quicker than water. Just one cup a day is all you need. It also contains Vitamin C, which ensures the elasticity in your skin is intact, a.k.a. keeps the fine lines at bay.
Because I have insomnia, getting eight hours of sleep isn’t always possible. I will meditate, plus use other remedies to fight off insomnia with essential oils, calming tea. Plus, wear one of those masks over my eyes.
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Lack of hydration leads to aging skin. Also, exfoliating works really well. It’s so important to remove dead skin from your body and face.Check out these articles for some ideas on what to use for skincare, homemade masks and more.

Removing my make-up before going to bed. If you want the low-down as to why it is sooo important, then you’ll want to read up on this post :). Bedtime Skincare Routine
Exercise, it doesn’t matter what it is, reduces the appearance of fine lines. Actually, it prolongs the wrinkles from even coming.
This next tip, is a tough one. Trying to live a stress-free life, as much as possible. Again, no one will have live a stress-free life per se. May I add, that a little bit of stress is actually healthy. It keeps you alert, and going. However, a lot of stress is wearing on the body, such as your nervous system, plus hello, un-wanted aging skin.
Hope this helps!


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