It’s Off to the Mountains Pt. 2

As my mother and I were leaving Canmore, we had made a few stops to take in the mountains. My mother had not even been there, either! Which I was surprised, as she had moved here in the mid-seventies, and had lived out here for eight years before returning to Mississauga. If you didn’t catch It’s Off to the Mountains Pt. 1, where I disclose my day travelling through downtown Canmore, shopping, sight-seeing, eating a wonderful lunch at Bear’s Claw and this bath and wine sign that I had bought, that I love. You can read all about it here! 

Image result for grassi lakes canmore
Grassi Lakes Courtesy: Hike Bike Travel

As we were leaving downtown Canmore that back way, we were headed to a county in Kananaskis, we were driving up this steep hill, on a very bumpy road, but let me tell you, it was so worth it. We had made a couple of stops. Before we headed off to our first stop to Spray Valley Provincial Park, we drove past Grassi Lakes, driving up that hill, it was spectacular and breath-taking. It’s a must hike in Canmore, located in Kananaskis. 

Spray Valley Park
Spray Valley Park


So, we drove past, Grassi Lakes, continued along the very bumpy road, as the paved road not long after leaving Canmore, quickly turned to the rocky road, literally. I’m bumping around, and it was such a loud road. Anyway, we pull up to our first stop. I was so close to the mountains. The closest I have ever been. It was like I could reach out and touch it. These photo were taken at Spray Valley Park.

As we were at Spray Valley Park, I had not realized until I was going through my photos, that I had caught my mother in the act of snapping a selfie.

Next, we headed to Whitemans Pond, I wish we had seen more. From what we had seen we quite nice, but I can tell there is way more to Whitemans Pond, that I hadn’t seen. It’s like you get a taste of your fave dessert, like a chocolate swirl cake or pumpkin pie cheesecake, it takes so good, that you want the whole thing. The difference is this is so much healthier for you, if you view the whole Whitemans Pond, than if you take the whole cake or cheesecake. 


Image result for whitemans pond canmore

This is the only area in all of Canmore and Kananaskis that had snow, yes, snow. You could see snow on the grass, lots of chunks. So, these mountains in the pic above is snow-capped. So beautiful! 

Good-bye, Canadian Rockies! Until we meet again!!

Great day! Hope you enjoyed It’s Off to the Mountains Part 1 and Part 2 of my story!






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