A City Girl Now Living in the Wild West – Part Two

While I was at The Bay, I  had met a makeup artist, who had, like me studied makeup artistry in Toronto. I had graduated from one of the two top schools in the city. While this lady had attended the other, competitive school to mine, in the city. 

The first thing, that myself, and this lady, whom we shall call Jennifer, and this other lady, who is also from this sophisticated, cosmopolitan city, had said was how we had missed the hustle and bustle. It’s funny, because after I had finished typing my blog post part one of A City Girl Now Living in the Wild West (if you haven’t read it, don’t worry, you can catch up 🙂 ). In addition, we had reminisced about we had missed Queen Street and the cute, little boutique shops, or just Queen Street in general. Then, you’ve got, Yorkville, to which all of the ladies had smiled, just like we had smiled mentioning a few other neighborhoods and what they offer that make Toronto, Toronto. 

Image result for toronto yorkville

Yorkville and the Four Seasons, great spa! TIFF primarily is in Yorkville, as in the red-carpets. TIFF does take place in downtown Toronto, which is where Yorkville, the fashion district (Bloor Street) is. Do you want to go to your fave designer boutique? You’ll find it in Yorkville on Bloor Street. Yorkville Ave., is where my school was located, before it had transferred. I sometimes do like King Street. Crazy, I know, like who would really like the financial district? Oh, and the under-ground shopping….plus, well, there is so much more, more to do, as all of us ladies had said. Oh, and let’s not forget the Distillery District, especially at Christmas time. So pretty!


Image result for toronto yorkville christmas
Christmas in Yorkville
Image result for toronto yorkville christmas
Christmas in Yorkville

With that all said and done, as some of us like Calgary, and some of us find this new culture to not be our cup of tea, we find it all right. We just wished it was busier, more sophisticated and cosmopolitan. Happily, that’s the direction Calgary is headed in a few years, as it continues to grow and evolve. I do hope, that while I do live in Calgary, for however long that may be, it becomes an innovative city, just like Toronto. Fun Fact: As of this year, Canada’s most populous city has become one of the most innovative cities in the world. 

As I had mentioned, Calgary is whole different culture with the whole western culture and all. I’m sorry, I’m not into anything western or the western culture. I’ll partake for like a day, as a tourist, then I’ll head back to my normal city girl life. 

The other thing the other two ladies had mentioned, is that you can tell that we are all not from Calgary. How? The ladies had said, that we are pretty chatty and assertive. I’ve only lived out here for almost three years. Jennifer and the other lady had lived out in Calgary for about a decade, or longer.

I do have to admit, as nice as Calgary is, and is becoming, I am looking forward to get back to my normal. I wouldn’t say that I’m unhappy living out here, don’t get me wrong. I’ve made the most of it. It worked out just fine. Some good memories. However, it wouldn’t be a city, I would live in, or live in, again. 




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