Afternoon/High Tea @ Fairmont Palliser

Hello, everyone!

Last Thursday, I just had to, I could not help it. It was calling my name, and with a rough week, well, it was a bit rough, you know, “one of those days”. A glass or two of wine could totally fix. But how about, an afternoon tea? I’m shaking my head as I type this. If you’re a tea lover, you’d so want this. In fact, I had inspired a few people who were walking into the dining area for their meeting, of the Fairmont Palliser to have tea, as they had walked past me. I was sitting outside of the dining area, literally just outside of the entry way. 

The tea menu changes seasonally. This season it was Indian themed menu. I had a Long Island green tea. It was divine. The salmon tea sandwich, a few desserts – couldn’t resist. the chutney pinwheel sandwich, scone was divine. 




4 Replies to “Afternoon/High Tea @ Fairmont Palliser”

    1. It is the best afternoon tea! It’s actually in Calgary. There’s a chain in select cities throughout Canada, maybe even North America. There is one in Banff, too. If you should come this way, you should attend an afternoon tea. 🙂

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