Grilled Portobello Steaks – Vegetarian

Hi, everyone!

I made for the first time grilled portobello steaks. I like the recipe I had found, except in it was a little soy sauce in the marinade. I followed the recipe and added the contents to what was asked. I’m not putting that much soy sauce in my marinade the next time around. Perhaps, a little bit. It just over took the entire taste with all of the other elements. I had marinated the portobellos in cooking red wine (Burgundy), olive oil, garlic, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce. I will mention the measurement and directions in full below. Overall, pretty tasty, pretty good. I would so make grilled portobello steaks, again. Oh, and, yes, soy sauce is salty, and I should mention that I’m not a salt person. Sugar, ohhhh, yeah! LOL! 


The first that I did was plug in my panini grill onto sear, so it will be ready when I begin to grill my portobellos. The next thing I did was to take the portobellos out of the packaging. I removed the gills and washed them in cool to cold water. Dried them with a clean tea towel, and placed them on a plate. 


I then, made my marinade in a big bowl. I placed the red wine, olive oil, garlic powder, because I don’t have two garlic cloves, I had used garlic powder. I googled what the equivalent of two garlic cloves to garlic powder is 1/8 for one garlic clove, so I had place to two 1/8th of garlic powder into the mixture. Next, balsamic vinegar. Remember to shake it first, so the vinaigrette is well mixed. 


Afterwards, I took one-by-one (beacause, my bowl only allows one) portobello into the mixture, to marinade. I marinaded it for fifteen minutes. Half of the that time on one side and the other half of the time on the other side. I did move the portobello around ensuring every nook and cranny is covered in marinade. 

Next, I placed the marinaded portobello onto my panini grill, allowing it to grill for no more than two minutes. If you go any longer, it will burn. My first one burned a bit from grilling it for three minutes. Unfortunately. The second one, did not. 

Once my timer had told me two minutes were up, the portobello steaks were complete. They did taste so yummy. Aside from filet mignon, these were really good steaks! 


Grilled Portobello Steaks


 2 servings 112 cals

Prep: 10 m  

Grill: 2 minutes for one portobello on a panini grill

Ready In: 15 minutes


Plug in your grill. The setting should be between sear and panini.

In a large bowl, mix the wine, olive oil, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and garlic. Place mushroom caps upside down in the marinade, and marinate 15 minutes.

I removed the gills from the portobellos. You don’t have to. It’s optional. 

Place portobello on grill. Close it the lid and let the portobello mushroom grill. Over all time is two minutes. No flipping needed. The portobello when removing it should be flat. The steak should be brown and you will have grill marks on it. 

It’s ready to eat.

Tip: This marinate has now become my go-to red wine sauce to marinate. I, however, after this recipe, add only 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, as I found the taste to over empower. 




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