Phil & Sebastian: Coffee Cafe

Hi, loves!

Okay, I have to say, my time at Phil & Sebastian’s in East Village (surprise, surprise! Sorry, I’m being a bit sarcastic. Lol!) in the Simmons building was pretty great. I’d so go back. Okay, but first, check out how my first visit went down!

At first, it started a little bumpy, more so when I went to the coffee bar, to purchase – wait-for-it latte- gasp! Say, whaaat? I had to, because of the pretty design. You never know what you’re going to get. I’m a dork at times, I know. What’s once in a while in the a,m., anyway? Shhh, don’t tell my dietitian. I had felt so badly for anyone who had interacted with me yesterday. Oops. The lady behind the coffee bar, was a little too chatty talking to someone who was not waiting for a coffee, so a co-worker, perhaps? Instead of making my latte. Even though it was delish, sometimes people have places to go. She should, after all, understand that, she loves big cities, after all. Which means the fast-pace life. Because she was apologetic and really nice, I let it go, annnd, she made the capp so yummy!

Of course, I couldn’t just have the latte. Oh, no, I had to have an almond croissant. Yup, that was yummy, too. I thought, I hadn’t really had breakfast, so I should get something else, maybe something that is egg infused…


…I had gotten a veggie quiche. It was okay. I don’t know if I had get a quiche again from here. I would be more interested in trying many other treats, quite honestly.

What I didn’t know, until now, is that Phil & Sebastian: Coffee also offers classes, including steaming and latte art. You know the crazy designs found in capps (cappacinos) lattes. 




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