Quick & Simple Smokey Eyes

Hi, beauties!

Image result for smokey eyes using pencil eye liner
Photo courtesy of Make Up Tips – blogger

This may be the easiest, quickest, and simplest technique to create a smokey eye that you have ever created. 


Pencil Eye Eyeliner – the colour of your choosing

Smudging Brush

Lash Curler



Begin by using your eye liner to create a simple, basic eye liner on your upper lash line, ensure that the line is thick enough to smudge. Smudge it with your smudging brush all over the eye lid. Curl your eye lashes first. Always first. Tip: Curling your eye lashes after mascara, it will leave a crease on your lashes. Not cute. Where as, before mascara, your lashes look much  more natural. for the finishing touch, coat your lashes with your fave mascara. Oh, and don’t forget, hidden liner. Hidden liner is what you apply in the inner-lash line. This creates fuller lashes, or the illusion of such.

Below, is a tutorial that I had found on YouTube from Sandy Gold.

Video courtesy: Sandy Gold




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