My Vegetarian-ish Story

Since I can remember, I haven’t been a big meat eater. I would eat occasionally. Now, when I say meat, I’m referring to meat on the side of my plate, then sides and veggies. That is boring for me, and I’m just not a huge fan. I can recall when I was a teen and even younger, asking my mother to not make me dishes like that, but to be more creative and less meat-base. In time, I had broken my mother down. I didn’t like the texture or taste of it. When I had pets, it did make me feel bad to look at their cute faces, then turn to my plate to eat the meat. Bottom line is, I’m in my thirties, and don’t know how to cook meat. No idea. When I do cook, I naturally gravitate towards vegetarian dishes. I don’t normally order meat in a restaurant, except one time when I had ordered a filet mignon salad. I have never liked steak, unless it’s a filet mignon or a filet mignon once in a while, as in about once a year. That’s it, really.

I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan, I do, however, I do consider myself vegetarian-ish. I love eating organic and natural based foods. 

How about you? Are you a veggie or a vegan? What’s your journey been like with the transformation?




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