Looking for a Lifestyle Photographer, MUA, Hair Stylist and Wardrobe!

Hi, lovelies!

I’ve had a beauty blog before, but not have used a team to create photos before. I have organized and executed photo shoots before :). Now, I thought I’d step up my game :), which means I’m looking for lifestyle photographers, makeup artist, hair stylist, and wardrobe stylist. I’m soooo into helping out other artists, as the industry is tough, isn’t it?! I would prefer, someone that is based in Calgary or Airdrie, the latter would be great, with education (doesn’t have to have been in school. I’ve worked with some amazing and talented photogs that had a great mentor who had trained them very well). 

A photog that has the ability to shoot fashion shoots, beauty shoots, food shots (of recipes, including step-by-step or for My Vegetarian-ish Story, plus a bit more; my health journey; entertaining, possibly thinking of including decor tips (not sure, yet), travelling (if you’re up for it – hope that you are! I’m still exploring this great province – would love to discover the surrounding area outside of Alberta – down the road, and a bit more!) 

A make-up artist that can emphasize sensitive skin (redness, including creating rosacea; dehydrated skin, glam shots (not always traditional smokey eye, mostly sophisticated smokey eye, colour wash (some refer to it as cut-crease shadow), other types of glam. As for lips and cheeks, I’m so down for any colour and style. 

Hair: I have short hair – totally down with any hair style that extenuates my features.

Wardrobe: I like elegance, sophistication, a bit unique and glamorous! I like tailored clothes and accessories. I do also like some styles that aren’t tailored. I’m not afraid to be seen! LOL! Bring on the bold colours, warm colours (not a huge fan of cool colours), nudes, golds; patterns (my fave is stripes, polka dots. I like to think that I’m fun. I don’t wear sweats. Don’t own any. I love shoes. Not a huge fan of boots, except ankle booties. I do have a few blog posts that’s ready to go; just need a wardrobe stylist for the fashion shoots. I’m an artisan, so bring on the creativity!!! 😀 

Thought this may be helpful for you all if this is where you’d like to expand your portfolio on these subjects. 

Also, I was a Beauty Writer for a couple of years for this Los Angeles- based fashion magazine, before becoming an intern. I was trained and would love to write a feature on my blog on all of you. I did write for several publications that are North American-base. 

If you are interested or know of anyone who is interested, please comment below! I will need that person or you, to provide me with a link to your website or for you to email me a minimum of five photographs of your work, along with your name, email address, phone number to staceyhobbs24(at)gmail.com.

I’m a visual, kind, a perfectionist, decisive, articulate, creative, organized, love working with people. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!




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