Almond Oil vs Olive Oil


Hi, beauties!

Almond oil as a moisturizer? Oh, you bet! Almond oil for my dehydrated skin is so for the winter when my skin needs a whole lot of hydration. In the summer, I opt for olive oil as a my moisturizer.

Almond oil is what the French use to remove eye make-up, including waterproof mascara, because almond oil hydrates the eyes so much so, that it relieves dark circles and under eye bags, even helping to prevent crow`s feet. Whaaat?? That’s crazy, right? That’s what I said, when I had first heard this. When I do use almond oil or even an almond oil face mask, my skin feel silky-smooth and radiant. 

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Photo courtesy of Frescolio

Olive oil is a make-up remover, and eye make-up remover, in addition to it being a moisturizer, however, I have not had it remove waterproof mascara. It hydrates your skin, however it isn’t as rich in hydration properties as almond oil. 

Have you tried almond oil or olive oil as a moisturizer or make-up remover? What are your thoughts? Would love to hear them in the comments!




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