Recap: Sunday Morning Walk

Morning, loves!

This past Sunday, I had decided to go for a walk with my cousin and her hubby. We began walking through one of the oldest neighborhood’s in Calgary that’s called Inglewood. As I was walking through the historic part of Inglewood, I saw an old, but well preserved home from a prominent figure in Canada with his home being built during the late nineteenth century, so during the Victorian era. It was quite nice. I should add about Inglewood, is that it’s considered as the most haunted city in Calgary, making it perfect for ghost walks during Halloween. 

Doesn't it look so pretty? The mayor has done a great job re-building the city to what has been lost in what is known as the worst flood in Canada ever! That occurred in 2013. Just so you know an ordinary walk, isn't an ordinary walk when I'm involved 😜. If you know me, or as you're getting to know, then you'll learn that there isn't a dull moment with me 😜. Take a peek on my blog on how I had spent my Sunday morning ☺️ Link in my profile! 😘 I 💕East Village, which is part of Downtown Calgary. It's also brand spanking new. It's also considered as the most cultural part of Calgary, and it's by Bow River. #yyc #eastvillage #lifestyleblogger #itslifebysh #itslifebystaceyhobbs #riverwalk #calgary #pretty #jolie #beauty #beaute #mustvisit #bowriver #deannehouse #inglewood #fortcalgary #cafe #walk #exercise #fitness #gethealthy #healthyliving #livinghealthy #sante

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Anyway, as I had walked out of Inglewood, we were walking to the River walk, we walked through this pathway that was along the Bow River with these birds that looked similar to a Heron, I believe. Their nest was on the other side of the river, so it was a bit difficult to see them, including the babies. Awwee! They were learning how to catch fish and to fly. So cute. Their nest was on the river. We did see a mushroom that had bloomed from the tree trunk.

As we had gotten to the Riverwalk in East Village, hold on a second, doesn’t it look so pretty by the Bow River? I just love East Village! I have walked along the RIverwalk so many times. It’s so peaceful. 


This area by the Bow, was right across from Fort Calgary that has this supposed restaurant that is a multi award-winning restaurant called Deanne House (yum!). This  area and view is quite nice., isn’t it? It’s filled with so much info on the history of Calgary and how this city used to look with details about the infamous flood that occurred in 2013. The worst flood that happened in Canada, that wiped out a large part, if not about half of the city. I came to Calgary in late 2014, as the city was beginning to re-build. 

Before heading to Mari Bakeshop (read all about my wonderful experience at this new, fresh and tasty cafe on the blog), we saw some public/street art. 

I just have to say, I ❤ East Village. It’s part of Downtown Calgary, but not right in the heart of the core downtown. East Village is considered as the most cultured borough in Calgary. There is always something that is going on. I just love it!

How did you spend your #SundayFunday? 🙂 




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