Recap: Mari Bakeshop Cafe

Yesterday, as I was walking through East Village, along the Riverwalk on Riverfront Ave., with my cousin and her hubby. We had decided to check out this new cafe located in Downtown East Village , which is a part of Downtown Calgary called Mari Bakeshop. Mari Bakeshop has been open since the beginning of this year in February. The lady, who is co-owner of Mari Bakeshop who owns this cafe along with her husband, had told us that Mari is Korean for “mountaintop”. I suppose it’s fitting. Calgary is known for it’s mountains, to which you can see in Calgary. 

Their beverages include coffee, Americano, cappuccino, latte and tea; white, green and black. Some many tasty treats as well. It would be a bakeshop if it didn’t. These treats consist of brioche; chocolate (yum!) and cherry, sandwiches (bread is so fresh); egg salad, plus more, cake rolls (so delish), tarts and  more. I had green tea and a chocolate brioche. As you can see in my pic, I was so into my chocolate brioche. I had to take a photo before it was all gone! I almost forgot…gasp!

If you are ever walking along the Bow River along the River walk in East Village neighbourhood of Downtown Calgary, I suggest that you must visit Mari Bakeshop

From the beverages to the treats, that’s all reasonably priced, it will bring you back for more. 

This is not a sponsored post. 


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