Recap: Drumheller

Blast from the Past: Drumheller a.k.a. Dinosaur capital, Hoodos and Horseshoe Canyon.
Seventeen million years ago, dinosaurs roamed around here, with fossils that are found daily.

Horseshoe Canyon is the result from a glacier shower from many years ago that took place lace up North, (the same one the resulted in Okotoks – previous post), so when the rock fell into the ground it created a horseshoe shape. I tried to capture the image, however, didn’t quite get it, sadly. Besides the pictures don’t do the scenery or the Canyon justice. 

Then, I had gone to see the Royal Tyrell Museum. At least seventeen million years ago, dinosaurs had roamed here. Bones are found daily in Drumheller. Most, but not all dinosaurs had lived in Drumheller, making Drumheller that Dinosaur capital. 

Here’s a teeny tiny bit of some of the badlands in Alberta. Other badlands include the south of Alberta, like the Writing on the Stone in Milk River, Alberta, which is near the Montana boarder. So, here’s the hoodoos. 

All of this took place in circa 2015. This was my first time in Drumheller. I really enjoyed it. I had also seen the suspension bridge to which it was used by coal miners until 1956, beginning in the 19th century, I believe. I couldn’t take any photographs, as I’m so scared of heights. But the view from the bridge is so amazing. Yes, I did manage to look up and enjoy every now and again. LOL!

Hope you have enjoyed!

Have a good day!




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