7 Long-Lasting Make-up Tips

Hi, lovelies!

I thought since it’s Summer, even if we are in the middle of Summer, that I would share my tips to long-lasting make-up. The tips can be used for the Summer, an event, or whenever you may need these tips :). Okay, let`s go!

Silicone is known as a waterproof ingredient. Any makeup product that says it’s waterproof contains silicone. Any makeup product that contains silicone. Below, I’ve included some makeup products that are silicone-based. Because, it’s silicone, and silicone does minimize the pores, fine lines, wrinkles creating a smooth and even canvas (the last statement is primarily the primer), it means silicone makeup is more of a must to remove before going to bed. If not, silicone will age you by creating the fine lines, creating dehydrated skin, drying skin. It’s important to remove your make-up. I know I’ve said this already, it’s just that important. 

Main Image - Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation PrimerPrimer: Prime twice when there`s humidity. Apply one layer, wait a few seconds and apply another layer.  When applying two layers, you don`t need to use make-up setting spray. You can use it if you want to. Your choice, however as a certified make-up artist who has primarily worked for television and has worked on photo shoots, I don`t. 


Main Image - Laura Mercier Radiance Bronze Primer


If you are looking for a bronze glow, plus a primer for your base, you really should give this formula a try. It will deliver a sheer coverage, keep that in mind. 


Main Image - SPACE.NK.apothecary Smith & Cult Lash Dance Mascara


To ensure that you have clump-free lashes, remove excess product from the wand onto a piece of paper towel. Apply your mascara in a zig-zag motion beginning in the centre of your lashes working your way to the outer lashes, finishing with your lashes in the inner lashes. This also ensures long-lasting mascara. With this technique, you don’t need to use lash primer. It didn’t exist when I was in school, so this was and still is a technique for long-lasting mascara. On television, it’s all about applying make-up that requires minimal touch-ups. When I say minimal, I mean make-up that can hold up for sixteen-hour days, with a couple to maximum four touch-ups. Quite honestly, I personally find eye lash primer isn’t something you need, in school we called it a gimmick. However, if you feel you need it. Go for it. Waterproof mascara contains silicone, anyway. Even mascara that doesn’t contain silicone, this technique has never failed. 

Main Image - CHANEL ROUGE COCO  Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour

To hydrate your lips for a smooth lipstick application, plus kissable lips, picture-perfect lips, please see my DIY Brown Sugar and Honey Scrub that can also be used for your lips. 

Main Image - RMS Beauty Swift Shadow

Apply eye shadow primer first to maintain your eye shadow application, plus it brightens up your eye shadow. Apply your eye shadow. A technique that is quite good for long-wear is to pat and rub your eye shadow all over your eye lid to keep it in place. Once it’s in place, then sweep your eye shadow to any places on the lid that have been missed; inner eye lid and outer eye lid. 



Side note: Because contouring and high-highlighting is in, such as strobing, then I have included these items, if this is for you. 

To remove your make-up, you should seriously try this makeup remover balm that is silicone-base. To remove silicone, you must use silicone. 

Click on the photo that has a link that will give you the description of the product. Click here for more silicone-based products, and here for more! This includes foundation, concealer, blush, etc.

Feature photo courtesy: The Fashion Foot

Hope this helps!

Have a good day!



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