Sunscreen 101

I want to begin by stating that even though I don’t practice make-up artistry through application, I am knowledgeable and remain maintaining the knowledge in beauty.  I had attended many seminars throughout my former career. One of the seminars was for a clinical skincare company that is based in France. These two companies are owned by L’Oreal. This seminar covered extensively on sensitive skin, dehydrated skin and sunscreen.

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I thought I would share what I had learned. 

When applying sunscreen a quarter size amount is all you need for your face, and an egg size amount is all you need for your body to ensure that you are receiving the coverage that you need.

In Canada, you will not generally find a sunscreen that is more than SPF 60. Actually, you don’t need anything more than a SPF 60. Anything more than a SPF 60, can be harmful to your health.

SPF 10 – 30%

SPF 20 – 50%

SPF 40 – 70%

SPF 50 – – 80%

SPF 60 – 100%

This SPF coverage by percentage in relation to UVB & UVA. Sunscreens back in the day, were designed to prevent you from burning, but not from aging or skin cancer. Thankfully, technology has changed. UVA causes aging and skin cancer. Back then, That strip that is found on the top of the windshield is UVA and UVB protection. Thankfully, technology has changed and sun protection now protects us from skin cancer, aging and from burning. Look for Broad Spectrum on the bottle. Broad Spectrum means that it delivers UVA and UVB coverage. 

Have a good day!


Photo courtesy of: Works With Water


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