Bar U Ranch – Alberta

About a year ago, I thought I would take my city self to a ranch, considering I had only been to two ranches prior. So, when I had heard a bit of the history that revolves around Sundance Kid, Prince of Wales (Prince Edward’s own ranch – which isn’t this one, but it’s a block away), the largest ranch in North America, as it has been said. The ranch is 160,000 acres. Plus the founders of this ranch, founded the Calgary Stampede; I had to check it out. Read below for more info :).

#TB: Bar U Ranch is said to be the largest ranch in North America, which is 160,000 acres. It is a large ranch, that's for sure. The second largest ranch is in Texas. The men who had founded Bar U Ranch, are the same men who had founded the Calgary Stampede. They had felt Calgary should be on the map, so to do so, these men had thought creating a stampede would be the best way to do it. As mentioned in an another post, Sundance Kid had worked at this ranch before becoming an outlaw. This ranch still has all of his original possession (guitar; books he read and wrote in, such as poetry, his journal; and a few other items) where he had lived in and worked in. The original reward is still hung in one of the barns. The reward for capturing Sundance Kid was $5K, not in today's money. The Prince of Wales, later to becoming me King Edward owned his own ranch, amongst other pieces of property in southern Alberta, on the other side of Bar U Ranch, like a block away, called Bedingfield Ranch or E.P. (Edward Prince) Ranch. I had driven past it. Bar U Ranch is located about an hour outside of Calgary. #alberta #canada #albertahistory

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So, now I’ve been to three ranches :).

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