Love: French Bistros

I love French bistros and restaurants. There was one French bistro in Toronto that was always packed, it’s warm, cozy, with delicious food, friendly and helpful staff. Did I mention that Gordon Ramsey had ate there a couple of times, and that he had thanked the chef for the delicious food? I’m referring to Le Select Bistro. The ingredients are fresh. I do believe it’s natural. I do know that majority of the ingredients are natural. 

Image result for le select bistro

The first time I had gone to this bistro was for my birthday years ago. I can’t remember what I had ate, as it was for brunch. Le Select Bistro is located in downtown Toronto on Wellington Street. It’s a cute little bistro. Some critics call it a hot-spot. 

Natural and sustainable produce is the menu du jour at Le Sélect Bistro. This tres charmant French bistro is styled with a striped awning, heated rear garden and curlicued chairs. Offering delectable brunch staples such as apple-and-cranberry-stuffed French toast and goat cheese quiche, Le Sélect is also known for its late-night steak frites and a dinner menu that boasts bistro classics like braised pork cheek and Provençal-style sea bass.

If you are ever in Toronto or live in Toronto, and haven’t checked out this bistro, I recommend you do so. 🙂

Have a good day!




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