My Love: Tea

I love tea. My grandmother on my father’s side of the family once told me that her parents (English father and first-generation Canadian mother) and their parents (British) would change four times a day; day clothes, afternoon tea clothes, dinner clothes and pajamas. My grandmother liked to dress well, but unlike her mother, sisters, grandmother, she wan’t a girly-girl. She would wear make-up, because it’s what you do for these events, especially tea time. However, she didn’t care to primp in front of the mirror to what she had felt was all day. So, she didn’t carry on these traditions to her children. Her sisters did. They had tried to keep it up as much as possible, in particular afternoon tea.

I love tea. I had purchased my first tea set from David’s Tea a few years ago. And, I love the tea from David’s Tea. (picture below)

Oolong tea I had learned years ago from a friend who is Chinese, that oolong tea is a comfort tea. It should be drank with comfort food, or it feels heavy in the stomach. It naturally burns fat, plus has anti-oxidants. Oolong tea is what I was drinking in the photograph above. 

Some of my faves are:

Coconut Cream Pie

Citrun Oolong

Long Life Oolong

Lemon Pound Cake

Yeah, I like the flavored oolong tea. Sorry, did I say that already. I had to step away and grab myself a snack. 

I like all teas, how about you?

Have a good day!



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