Light Key Lime Cheesecake Shots

I had found this recipe from Sprinkle Bakes, called Light Key Lime Cheesecake Shots (please, click on the link for the recipe), on Pinterest. These look so yummy. I failed to take a pic of my own creations. I do admit that I do forget to photograph (document) things. I’m getting better ;). When I makes these Light Key Lime Cheesecake Shots. I did make them dairy-free and as lactose-free, as I could. I had learned substituting any kind of milk for water, doesn’t make a difference other than it’s lactose-free, and, not necessarily, dairy-free. It does contain real cheese, instead of cream cheese. suppose some-what healthier. For me, substituting any ingredient is all about making it healthier for my lactose intolerance

I had substituted milk for water.

I had kept the bran flakes and yogurt. (Click on the lactose intolerance link, and you’ll see why).

I had kept Neufchatel cream cheese, because it’s aged cheese, which means (like it says in my lactose-intolerance post), age cheese is low in lactose, or it does not contain lactose. And, Neufchatel cheese is from Normandy, France. Yes! A good cheese. I knew my French people would think of us Frenchies who are lactose-intolerant when making cheeses like this. They probably didn’t. They had made it, because it tastes good.

I will be making these tasty desserts. I just love how mini these are. You really don’t need a pie slice. I will do my very best to not get caught up in making my dessert, so I can remember to take pics of my lactose-free version of this recipe. 

Thank- you, Sprinkle Bakes for creating something so yummy, and perfect for summer!

Photo courtesy of Sprinkle Bakes.

Have a good day!



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