Love this Yoga Studio: Breathe Hot Yoga

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When I want to go to a really good yoga studio, I go to the one down the street from me, called Breathe Hot Yoga. They have locations throughout Calgary, AB, Canada. It’s honestly one of the best yoga studios I’ve been to. Everyone is so friendly, so helpful. Plus, what I like, as much, is that Breathe Hot Yoga has gone paperless. 

They offer every aspect of yoga, for pregnant ladies, yogis for children, parent and baby, workshops, meditation (I’ve accidentally fallen asleep. It really was an accident), it’s really for everyone. Breathe Hot Yoga also offers massage therapy. There are showers to clean yourself after you perspire or glow if you do. 

Image result for breathe hot yoga airdrie

I’ve tried hot yoga a couple of times, in the past, not at Breathe Hot Yoga, but at another place years ago in Mississauga (Side note: I’m from Toronto and Mississauga, and I couldn’t spell Mississauga. I’ve only spelled it my whole life.), anyway, I’ve learned hot yoga isn’t for me at all. I’m huffing and puffing. I’d rather sit, lie down or do light-movement in a sauna. Yoga in a sauna, in my opinion is not light-movement. For me, it’s a mini heart attack waiting to happen. Anyway, some of the classes that I have taken are 

  • Yoga Sculpt (it’s hard-core using blocks, all yoga equipment, plus three different weights (three pounds, five pounds and ten pounds)).
  • Flow
  • Yoga Barre
  • Meditation
  • Yoga for Backs
  • Restorative


Image result for breathe hot yoga airdrie

Image result for breathe hot yoga airdrie

What are your go-to yoga sessions? Or, which ones do you like? 

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