Wedding Make-up Tips

Today, I turned onto my facebook only to read that my cousin who is getting married in a couple of weeks walked into Sephora asking for a waterproof makeup setting spray. Her response was that the ladies at Sephora had looked at her like she was bat-shit-crazy. My cousin is a complete tomboy, where as I am not. I took after my father’s family in this regard.

This pic above is of my cousin who had gotten married a couple of years ago in Hawaii. Yes, I had applied her make-up.

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I had sent her a reply, by telling her the reason as to why the ladies at Sephora had looked at her like she was bat-shit-crazy, because a waterproof makeup setting spray doesn’t exist. Setting spray is designed to keep makeup in tact. You see, I am a certified makeup artist, but I don’t practice makeup artistry, anymore. I am now in business; a marketer. Anyway, I had told her that silicone is an ingredient that is found in water-proof makeup, making it a waterproof ingredient, which means any makeup that contains silicone is waterproof. Silicone cannot be removed with water. You would have to scrub your face until it hurts to remove every inch of silicon-based make-up off of your face. Or, purchase a small bottle of silicone, here in Canada it’s found at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Prime well twice. Use foundation like HD foundation. Some of my faves that have held up well on camera are Make Up For Ever, Smashbox, Dior. This type of foundation is opaque. All opaque makeup must an absolute must to remove the excess product or it will appear caked-on. It also ensures a flawless, beautiful, professional look. With HD make-up, you don’t need to use more than two pumps. HD make-up also has a built-in concealer that conceals acne scars, dark circles, brown/sun spots, anything that requires light coverage. You may need a bit of concealer for anything that isn’t light imperfections.

Always, always powder. Powder sets your make-up. Otherwise, your make-up will swish swash everywhere. So, to keep your make-up in place powder. With HD make-up, select a loose powder, it’s lighter and compliments an opaque make-up products.

Blush that has proven to last on camera for about six hours, in my experience is Dior, Make Up For Ever and Smashbox. Make Up For Ever is a line if you’re looking for, for long-lasting make-up it’s the line to turn to. You just have to know how to apply it, so make-up doesn’t look caked-on. The secret: Remove excess product, especially important.

That’s really it. This is also really good for summer make-up. 



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