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Have you ever tried meditation? I love it. I was advised to meditate to calm my over-active mind and to loosen muscles, so they aren’t as tight, as well as stress. My favourite form of meditation is Yoga Nidra. I have had my body feel like bricks; head, arms, legs. I couldn’t lift them, until the meditation had concluded. Some Yoga Nidra`s will have fell as though you are sinking into the ground. While other`s will just have feel like you are jelly. 

Other meditations I like to for a deep sleep. 

The last few nights, every time I had tried to do some Yoga Nidra before falling asleep, I would do just that; sleep. Not even a minute, I`m so fast asleep. I hope tonight is a bit different. It’s like you want to enjoy your favourite snack/junk food, but you don’t actually enjoy it, as you scarfed it down, and feel so full that you think you’re pregnant. Even walking around like you are. That’s how full or even bloated you are. 

Okay, off I go to bed. Good-night!

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